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Blog entry
A Future for Sporting Dharma
submitted by Killy 605 days 7 hrs 53 mins ago
It has been long overdue for me to write a blog entry on this site. Returning to the game once more has brought about a sense of nostalgia that has got my blood pumping for achieving success on IAG.

Ever since returning I have had ample time to focus on getting the groundwork laid out for my current club, Sporting Dharma (formerly known as SV Fre). This has taken its time, as there have been a lot of moving parts behind the scenes; from identifying sources of needed revenue to getting the squad to the level I currently want it at this given time.

But, now, I can comfortably outline my targets and plans for the coming seasons with Sporting Dharma.

- Promotion to the Primera Division: Arguably my most ambitious challenge for the time being. Sporting Dharma are currently plying their trade in Tercera Division (Spain's fourth tier in the football pyramid). The reasons behind this goal are simple: to get to a level in the game where the competition is at it's most fierce. A lot of top managers currently playing the game are based in this division and, I not only intend to be among them but, I also intend on competing with them for the top prizes that this game has to offer.

- Development of Youth: As prices for top talent in the game continue to increase at inflated levels, the alternative route to securing future players for Sporting Dharma is looking to the youth academy. Now, a range of factors will be crucial to securing top talent, and this will not happen in a single season - so this goal will prove to be more long term, and it will require a lot of patience, which could test my resolve. But if the end results prove to be fruitful, then I have no reason to complain.

- Adopt a 'Moneyball' Approach to Business: A concept made famous by baseball's very own Billy Beane, and made even more famous by Brad Pitt in a film under the same name, this is a concept that I have been eager to implement into a team for some time now. The idea is to use my players as 'assets' where, if their uses expire my long term goal for the club, they are sold on to help bring in much needed funding for future players and restructuring within the club. This has already been put in place by selling two players - whom I knew wouldn't reach their potential with Sporting Dharma - who would help bring in much needed cash. With a total of £49M made from two players, I was able to bring in five new players that have helped to get us to second into the table right now.

Hopefully, in the near future, I will be able to report in on the progress of Sporting Dharma.

Until then,

by pleasantsurprise 561 days 8 hrs ago
Looking forward to the progress update Killy.
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