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A new look at James Town FC.
submitted by Tstuff 123 days 22 hrs 42 mins ago
With season 15 gone, James Town FC will Start season 16 with a new look. In season 15 the club owners(St James Limited) agreed to sale the club they founded since 2015.
The fundamental reason for selling the club according to the Chairman of the popular Scottish company "Alexander Douglas", was "due to the financial crisis, and we foresee a catastrophic end of this club in the near future. So a change of ownership is most required to lead the team back to fame" he said.

A not Well known Ghanian company called "T Star Limited" came to the club rescue when they reached an agreement with the former owners for an undisclosed amount in halfway through season 15.
The new owners of James Town FC "T Star Limited" started the resurgence by investing in the playing staffs. They've already spent close to 25m in the Transfer Market and bought some quality players and some future prospects with more to come.
They also changed management by appointing manager Tstuff to take over the helm.
In a statement issued by the club new Chairman "Rodney Pudson", he described Tstuff appointment as "the best news of the year. Tstuff although being a young manager is one of the best of his rank. He understands the game very well, he is talented, and he has lots of experience. He's a tactical genius, i love his strategies. We are favoured with the opportunity of working with him".

Speaking after the last league match of the season on Thursday, Rodney Pudson announced some changes the club will undertake next season. The changes guarantees a new look at James Town FC.

- NEW CLUB NAME: "Red Dragon" .
The name will be made official on Sunday night during the Team award ceremony.

- CLUB LOGO: A new club logo was created to correspond to the new name. The new logo that was reportedly said to contain a red colored dragon will be officially unveiled on Sunday night.
The Stadium is also set to be renamed.

All this changes will take effect next season.
Goodbye to James Town FC, and welcome to the new era, the Red Dragons.
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