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Aufgehen: The Buyer Leathercushion story.
submitted by Graz_Doz_Trez 114 days 5 hrs 47 mins ago
Hello to all. As it seems it has been a very long time since someone wrote a blog and I am now on my third club and feeling confident in learning from my previous mistakes. I thought I would take the plunge.

After a short stint in Spain I moved to Nigeria, taking on a project with real potential. But I think I made some pretty small mistakes that probably set me back a season or two without crippling the club. Then I saw this opportunity was available and thought it was the perfect chance to immediately correct the mistakes I made.

So... here we are, day 1 in Leathercushion. This season will be very similar to last season for me, but hopefully more like Quantum Leap where I put right what once went wrong. Basing my assumptions against what I had at Pique Blinders, the club rep is higher, there's more cash in the bank, with arguably better players and the stadium is slightly smaller.

With that in mind, my aims for the season are fairly broad. Full 3,501 staff is the minimum, which I expect to achieve within a couple of weeks. From there, it depends how well results go. The league has five other human managers, so there is a little competition. I am not seeking immediate promotion and may or may not aim for relegation based on if we are competitive enough to win regularly.

My major mistake at Pique Blinders was being too aggressive with getting relegated. This ultimately cost me as I was not able to run staff ads for long enough to hire worthwhile staff. So, this season we want to win (but not get promoted). 3,501 staff will be easily achievable, so my real target will be 4,501 staff. Which will be a serious challenge and will likely require the club to be top of the league. I'm not sure the squad is strong enough for that but, if it's in arms reach, will we push for it.

Day 1 sees us travel to Der Mittwoch in the league, a winning start would be a lovely welcome to the club.
by MatthewC 111 days 5 hrs ago
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