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Elinia - Replan season 1
submitted by LW78 87 days 13 hrs 41 mins ago
Season 35 was a success. In as much as we were relegated.

Finishing19th was lower than planned, perhaps getting a little carried away with losing.

We also managed to halve the wage bill through selling most of the high value members of the squad and releasing another who was due to retire this season. Paying his wages early to lessen the hefty tax bill.

Financially, the plan remains on track, and tier two of the stadium will complete this season. I know I've gone against convention here. Certainly I am incurring higher maintenance costs, but it does allow more flexibility to reduce ticket prices and keep a reasonable gate income.

I was surprised however at how quickly the attendances dropped though, and I am now considering if going all the way down makes much difference to staying in division 2 or 3 and going out there.
by Piper_FC 81 days 11 hrs ago
Great update. Looks like things are getting very well-sorted on the financial front with the super low wages. That wage bill is insanely low! I think the benefits of dropping all the way down likely outweigh the benefits of an aborted plan as you get to build up so much positive momentum with your club rating from winning back up to the top. If you do that from just one or two leagues down, you probably won't get quite the recovery boost you are looking for. Still, there are a billion ways to skin the IAG cat, so whatever works for you is what you should do :) Thanks for the update, watching your progress is really intersting.
by LW78 80 days 18 hrs ago
Wise words Piper. And the momentum was key to my original plan, I'm still in favour of that. In terms of wages, they are right for this squad!! After the next sale and the contract ending mid season, I will have no players rated over 40. And only a handful capable of it. This is a squad built for the drop. I lost a 48 rated youth yesterday which was a bit gutting, but youth promotions are also key to rebuilding. They dont have to be great, just good enough to get up back to the second tier.
by MargaretA 75 days 20 hrs ago
All the latest updates here really excellent about the sports thank you so much for sharing. I was looking for the new season update and glad to have it here. Thanks for your writing services recommendation please continue to share more.
by LW78 74 days 5 hrs ago
12 games in. 12th place. 12 points. The decision was made at 8points to go down. The bottom team in this division seemingly impossible not to beat, so I'm higher up that unwanted to be. A bit of a set back today as the last asset I was selling, listing ending today, has decided to retire. 5 bids on him as well. Financially on track at this stage, and with tier two of the stadium due to complete within a week, a low TP can be used to achieve the revenue needed. My concerns now turn to how I will beef this squad up on the cheap once were at the bottom. The majority of those left are peaked or will peak around 40. It might actually be enough, but I'm hoping for a few decent youths to come through. We had a "good" run to round 4 in the cup which was welcome extra cash. As long as I can keep the gate receipts up, by steadily reducing the TP, this season should see us remain on track. I just need to stop picking up stray points. For anyone thinking of trying this route. Consider how patient you are. It can be fairly boring logging in to lose each day.
by LW78 62 days 19 hrs ago
So, we're halfway through the season and now sitting in 18th. Still on 12 points. We have truly found our form. It appears that the team at the bottom are impossible to give points too, so I need to watch out for that match as we are just a point from safety. In terms of funds we are doing well. Wages are now 26.9k. Theres a few extra in the squad than strictly needed, so the greedy will go. Cash in the bank is now a few quid under 61.5m, I expect that to be just over 60m at the end of the season after tax. Ahead of schedule, but I had to bring a planned sale forward. So next years income will be lower. Still we struggle on TP, down to 14 now and I expect it will be 12 by the time we end the season. I am now getting excited about a youth keeper who is at 52 and still gaining, aged 14. I plan to leave him there until he is 18 and hope he can build with the team on the rise from the fifth tier. I'll keep you updated on that one. I think I need to focus on understanding this area, though alongside other life commitments, I am limited in time to read through all the various threads. I have spent a god awful amount of time trying to upload a team badge that just wont happen. So I figure focusing elsewhere might be more beneficial.
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