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Keine Nachrichten sind gute Nachrichten? (No news is good news?)
submitted by Graz_Doz_Trez 12 days 6 hrs 26 mins ago
I’ve not updated in a while, mostly as there hasn’t been too much going on off the field. But I’ll give you guys a run down…

The club sold wonderkids Belarmari (46m) and Henckler (24m) almost two weeks ago and have been working diligently on reinvesting that money into the playing squad. The club is currently yo-yoing between 3rd & 4th spot and a couple of upgrades on both sides of the ball would hopefully see Leathercushion take 3rd outright and push for 2nd. I think first place is well out of our reach as Shadow Prisoners are 13 points clear and already beat us.

But our plan has never been winning the league or even getting promotion. 4,501 is the target. The funds we received from the two sales gave us a big boost, but are not enough to get us over the line. We’re a little way off, so will need a combination of factors to go our way. Both the Director of Football and myself remain positive of our chances to secure some quality players and that is a number one priority right now.

But, with half the season almost gone, we will need a back up plan.

Hopefully our next update will provide some concrete and positive news.

Keep grinding chaps!
by Bartmeteenc_2nd 9 days ago
Watch out for the tax man at the end of the season!! How will you invest the money gained from the sales into the team? Good luck :)
by Graz_Doz_Trez 15 hrs ago
@Bart, update coming soon... I will address your question there. Cheers!
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