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Ron's Monthly Update - 02
submitted by RonManager 1200 days 6 hrs 39 mins ago
Hello all.

Hopefully you are all well, and got want to wanted on transfer deadline day.

As promised I have an update for you. :)

As I said last time I have been working on the match engine and tackling some of those "features" that have cropped up from time to time.

I have to say this has taken way longer than I had hoped. Some things are a joy to work on, but this was digging around in the nuts and bolts of the game engine. Mind bending fiddly stuff. The good news is that, subject to fine tuning and testing I can start to think about some of the more interesting enhancements that are in plan.

The updates are pretty much complete and (as of a few minutes ago) are almost ready for testing.
The testing will take a week or so I expect, subject to not finding too many issues I'm hoping to update the site around the 10th of September.

So what's included in the update ?

The focus was on the match engine, various areas have been enhanced / reviewed, the goal here was to address those areas that occasionally caused concern.

The highlights in no particular order are ..

Yellow and Red cards.
The number of cards issued and their impact on the match.
Players may now receive a second yellow card, which will result in a sending off.

Playing against less than 11 men.
Playing part or all of a match will less than 11 men, for any reason will have an increased negative impact on your teams performance.

Out of position Players.
Players playing out of position are less likely to perform as well. The code has been reviewed here, That is not to say you should never do it, some players are better at it than others and may do a very good job. Having said that GKs playing as out field players are much more likely to significantly under perform.

We are introducing 12 more formations to choose from.

So as I say we hope to have these changes in place by the 10th.

After that I am going to start looking at implementing player agents. I need to review what that means and flesh it out a bit. Hopefully I will be able to give you mini update later in the month with an idea of time-scales etc for that, assuming we don't have to many issues with the match engine changes.

Feel free to discuss in the forums, if you feel there are match engine issues which I haven't picked up then let us know. It maybe not too late for this update, or it maybe something that I've included but not mentioned, either way constructive comments are always helpful.

by Rikimaru 1200 days 6 hrs ago
Awesome Ron! Thank you... and don't forget my Win Button *grin*
by cherryred 1200 days 6 hrs ago
That does look like a really good trouble shooting update Ron, if it's possible could you possibly shorten the percentage of last minute goals too and add it too the update if it's an easy fix, I know it's a small detail but would be great if you could turn it down a notch or two.
by Jija 1200 days 5 hrs ago
Thanks Ron, it's great to hear about the updates. I think the key thing that annoys (some) people is the playing players (in particular goalkeepers) out of position. So it's great to hear that's being addressed. It's also good to hear that "some" players may still do well out of position. Sounds like it's been well thought through. Thanks Ron.
by FulchesterUnited 1199 days 22 hrs ago
Great work Ron and can only make this game better.
by tstuff_2nd 1199 days 19 hrs ago
Wow, completely interesting. I hope 1 of those formation is the 4-4-2 diamond. I wish the update was already done(red card having a significant effect) i would of booked a place in the super cup 2nd round. Thanks Ron
by Carax 1199 days 19 hrs ago
12 new formations? is that a typo? I think the game has gone stale on the tactics part, and would have liked more focus on that.
by Ryan1uk 1199 days 18 hrs ago
Thank you for the update Ron :) Some good fixes there. Looking forward to the 12 new formations. Like Carax said above I think the tactics part needs to be focused on more, also more options for Subs.
by KafkaStoleMyBike 1199 days 15 hrs ago
Thanks Ron!
by bcagfc_2nd 1199 days 14 hrs ago
Cheers Ron.
by Harry_H0rnet 1199 days 11 hrs ago
Thanks for the update. I look forward to seeing it. Cheers, Harry
by PH3NIX 1198 days 20 hrs ago
by PH3NIX 1198 days 20 hrs ago
by almahaza 1198 days 19 hrs ago
Brilliant. Shame this fix wasn't already in place, I'm playing against 5 goalkeepers today!!!
by rocketman 1198 days 10 hrs ago
Hi Ron, thanks for the info, I remember you mentioned a while ago about the fine tuning and one of the things that you was going to address , was the youth team accepting a contract. You talked about making it about 99% acceptance for youth players. At the moment I find it frustrating because I lose 50 % of them, normally the best ones. Pleased can you change that , I really don't have much luck with transfers. Cheers Ron
by kaidiac 1198 days 9 hrs ago
Excellant news... these sound like great updates :) thanks for all the hard work Ron x
by roland68 1198 days 7 hrs ago
It's great news that some much needed match engine enhancements are coming along. Good work. I am also hoping for additional substitution options and some "change tactics" options to be added at some time.
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