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Ron's Monthly Update - 03
submitted by RonManager 1281 days 9 hrs 6 mins ago
Well I'm a few days late on this one, but with good reason I hope.

As you will have seen the first of the match engine changes have been released, plenty of new formations and a few tweaks here and there. On the whole I'm reasonable happy with those, I have a little more tuning to do but will parcel that up with the next update.

I have been busy looking at providing more flexibility for in game instructions to be performed by your assistant managers. Substitutions and tactical changes will be able to be made not only at set times, but also when a sending off occurs or a goal is scored. I have tried to make it as flexible as possible. The number of instructions you can set-up will be limited by the quality of your assistant manager, so the better he/she is the more complex you can make the instructions.

I have more or less finished the changes to the screens to accommodate these features, and the admin team will give me some initial feedback on those. I'm expecting to share some screen shots with you in the next 2 or 3 days.

I'm going to start work on the changes in the match engine to implement this and I expect those to be complete in 2 to 3 weeks, then there will be a week or so's testing.

With a bit of luck the changes should be ready by the end of the month, though it may be best to wait until the new season to release them.

After that I will be moving on to player agents. My goal there will to be to have those ready by the end of the year, hopefully sooner. I'm aiming for the start of season 10. I know everyone wants the player agents in as soon as possible, but I felt it made sense to complete this section before moving on to those.

Thats all from me for now.
by gunners1974 1281 days 5 hrs ago
Well done Ron. Thank you for you dedication... I think the match engine is the most important aspect of the game... Regard, Nova Scotia FC....
by stripey 1281 days ago
Thanks for this, Ron, and, as ever, for your continued hard work on the game.
by FulchesterUnited 1280 days 23 hrs ago
The master plan rolls on. Good luck and keep up the hard work Ron.
by Jija 1280 days 22 hrs ago
Good to see more in the pipeline. Thanks Ron.
by Tstuff 1280 days 21 hrs ago
Its good to hear from you, thanks for the assured expectations and good luck.
by scotty1962 1280 days 19 hrs ago
Great stuff cheers Ron !
by tigerkill85 1280 days 19 hrs ago
Sounds good. Great game
by kaidiac 1280 days 17 hrs ago
Great stuff.... thanks for the update and hard work Ron :)
by almahaza 1280 days 12 hrs ago
Jumpers for goalposts.
by Barney_Rubble 1280 days 11 hrs ago
Thanks for all the hard work Ron. All sounds good to me.
by Rikimaru 1280 days 10 hrs ago
Well Done Boss. Sounds exciting
by Sunny102 1278 days 23 hrs ago
great! Work!! And idea
by AKRAZY 1275 days 11 hrs ago
Nice one boss !! Thanks for the effort you are putting into this game!!
by malabojim 1272 days 9 hrs ago
This game empowers the strongest and most cash rich clubs......for want of better words its a fix!!!! Reasons why - 1. Best ranked clubs get best staff 2. Best ranked clubs get best youth player 3. Best ranked clubs get best transfers 4. Best ranked clubs get the best of anything 5. Best ranked clubs always win 50 / 50 games 6. Best ranked clubs can always afford to buy the best players 7. Best ranked clubs can always train the best youth players quicker than anyone else 8. For anyone else other than the ELITE don't waste your time playing this game. 9. End of rant!!!
by garyt1 1258 days 12 hrs ago
Improving out of position modifiers, impact of sending offs and then aggression impact should be great. Good news.
by James 1241 days 20 hrs ago
How's the player agents going to work ? Or have I missed a thread about it ?
by gokinyrud 165 days 20 hrs ago
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