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Create your football club from the ground up and establish yourself as a football manager.
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Blog entry
Skl United become Managerless
submitted by colins70 179 days 9 hrs 36 mins ago
After 9 seasons in charge of Skl United the time has come to part ways and move on to pastures new.
3 promotions and 2 Divisional Titles achieved along the way but it became clear that the step up to the top flight would be tough and ultimately the club was not ready for the challenge.

Was a tough decision made easier by the fact that the club was on a downward spiral with no hint of an upturn.
Funds diminishing and older players retiring before they could be sold meant the club was basically becoming a youth club.
Now its time to take a step back , reflect and plan my next move.

So i am now looking for the right position to come along and see if mistakes made in the past can be avoided.
by KevinHann 126 days 3 hrs ago
Good luck, mate. If you need any advice I'd be glad to help!
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