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The Elephant Packs his Trunk and Says Goodbye to the Weir Lion Circus
submitted by calvino_spark 1285 days 16 hrs 57 mins ago
Boseda 'The Elephant' Giwa has moved onto pastures/savannahs new after 285 games for the club. It was a sad day for the club to let such a club legend go but all things must end and it was felt that it was time for him to leave. The arrival of Salvadore Lopez signalled the beginning of the end for 'The Elephant' as Giwa was no longer the club's premier striker. With time creeping up on him much like an elephant creeping up to a bush it's about to eat across a surface of bubble wrap, it was necessary to find him a new home and let him leave with his head held high.

Some fans will claim I should have given him another couple of seasons and kept him on to see out his career with the club where he won the Spanish title. But at times you have to make these tough managerial decisions to move the club forward. I spoke with him and, whilst regretting that his time with the club was at an end, he couldn’t help but look back with fondness on his time here and there are plenty of memories that ‘The Elephant’ will never forget. He said that his one big regret was that, despite getting to the final, he was never able to triumphantly lift the biggest cup trophy of them all: the Spanish Cup.

But I’ll leave you with some facts that says a lot about Boseda Giwa. 285 games, 39 Man of the Match awards, 200 goals, 52 assists. ‘The Elephant’ will be missed.
by adam28 1282 days 21 hrs ago
All the best to him.
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