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Zusammenfassung zum Saisonende - End of season Summary
submitted by Graz_Doz_Trez 86 days 19 hrs 26 mins ago
The curtain is coming down on the season and what a great season it’s been.

In my first post, I listed my aims for this season were:
“Full 3,501 staff is the minimum, which I expect to achieve within a couple of weeks. From there, it depends how well results go. The league has five other human managers, so there is a little competition. I am not seeking immediate promotion and may or may not aim for relegation based on if we are competitive enough to win regularly.

My major mistake at Pique Blinders was being too aggressive with getting relegated. This ultimately cost me as I was not able to run staff ads for long enough to hire worthwhile staff. So, this season we want to win (but not get promoted). 3,501 staff will be easily achievable, so my real target will be 4,501 staff. Which will be a serious challenge and will likely require the club to be top of the league. I'm not sure the squad is strong enough for that but, if it's in arms reach, will we push for it.”

4,501 club reputation staff was our major goal this season and we managed to get two full sets of staff adds in. I can confirm that we’re still above that mark and will wait to see what the new season brings before making any more staff additions. But that is something I want to consider. At present the average staff rating is only 43. For context in the 3,501 bracket I was able to get staff avg of 35, so there is definitely some better staff to be had.

On the field we were competitive all season. We tried some different tactics and formations and got some good and bad results. We were 2nd-4th all season and that really helped with getting to 4,501. I think I am happy with what I want to use moving forward and will be able to aim towards that in youth & player acquisitions.

We made some good short & long term signings during the season;
Pyotr Izyumov (82), 32 year old Russian striker arrived for £15m
Ottah Chukwuka (72) 30 year old Nigerian striker for 18m
B Ogunkeye (53) 23 year old Central Mid for £10m
Avdey Baburin (53) 19 year old GK for £15m

We needed to be aggressive in the market following club record sales earlier in the year. Having learnt from previous mistakes, we needed to get to 4,501 quickly, and were able to spend the money to do that. Unfortunately, the plan for the new season will not include Izy or Chuky. They have both been placed on the transfer list for 13m & 15m respectfully. We wish them all the best. At this point in time, old heads on big money will not be something we want to do.

Selling these players is in the best long term interest of the club. As will be taking a backseat in the league. The club has decided that the financial constraints of trying to be competitive will be too much and we will concentrate on the cup. We are prepared for potential relegation. We hope the fans understand that this is a long term plan and we will do what’s right for our future.

That’s about it for the season, thanks for joining the ride. Season 32 is dead, long live season 33.
by stephanbraun 83 days 14 hrs ago
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by Graz_Doz_Trez 82 days 21 hrs ago
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