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4th Aug 19 11:22 PM
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Resignation from IAG. - Had enough
I've played this game for a good few years and tried to work out the magic formula for getting to the top. I've asked for assistance but the general feeling I get is that it is a bit clicky and there are s******* around when you don't understand how something works.
Even after the game was re-set, the same people still end up at the top of tree and I just can't figure it out.
The final straw has come, when for the second time I have taken a goalkeeper into my youth team at the age of 12. The guidelines say "the longer you keep a player in your youth system, the better chance you are of them signing." So not so long back, I have a youth goalkeeper who was a 70+ rated, he got to 18 and declined a contract, same just happened to me.

Some might read this and say I'm throwing my toys out the pram, but I don't enjoy it any more, there are no breaks, just a slog.

I play another couple of games online, that are so much more realistic. Particularly the fact you can part with players for a lower fee without the board blocking it and not being able to raise any cash at all.

4th Aug 19 11:31 PM
Posts 3,945
It's always a shame when someone decides to leave.

For the first time through 3 incarnations of the game i have finally managed to get a team past the 5500 threshold this season.

There's lots of useful information out there and from my experience most of the top managers are more than happy to share information and give advice when asked. It may be worthwhile asking questions of those who are successful.

Sadly, if the game is not for you then that's your choice. Hope to see you back someday
5th Aug 19 1:43 AM
Posts 968
Sorry to see you go!

If there's anything about this game that I/others could help you with, please ask.

There are certainly flaws in this game (not being able to list players at what you need to sell them for definitely being one of them) but it has its charms too - there's always another target to set (when will ozzy get 6500? ) and that's kept it interesting for me.

Hope you don't leave/come back soon.
5th Aug 19 9:20 AM
Posts 7
I understand your feelings completely. I left the game a while back after having been involved in IAG1 almost from the start. Your frustrations are very real, it's a fact that every single player who has been here for more than a few seasons knows there are several aspects of the game that need changing, and that those changes will never be made. It's also a fact that success comes by treating the game as an algorithm rather than a football manager simulation. That's what frustrates people....those who can separate themselves from the football aspects of the game and break it down into a mathematical equation will succeed. Most people just want to manage a football team.

That said, I am glad I came back after a break. There are many aspects of IAG that are excellent fun, and I can safely say I am enjoying it again, I just know I will never be a top 10 team or anything close, but managing my progress from a team ranked 895 when I joined, to 131 now has been an achievement, and I intend to take Ubud FC further...

Take a break by all means, but do come back. It's still the best free game out there in my opinion.
5th Aug 19 9:59 AM
Posts 30
Love you x
12th Aug 19 9:02 PM
Posts 15
The thing that annoys me the most (at the moment), I have decided to stay and fight to stay in the Prem each season, and so finish between 8th and 15th each year as my team weakens, and yet my rating has dropped by 1000 points, so I cant get any new staff, and so keep hoping my current staff dont retire, or I'm screwed. I'm in the Prem, your rating should be set at a minimum to be in the Prem, simple as that, and it doesn't fall until you are relegated. I love promoting and training up my youths (9 so far), but that wont be possible when my coach retires in a few seasons, and then I get another in rated 10 lower, despite the fact that I am in the same league, just a few places lower each season.
As for transfers and the amount of people on the market, currently two in Nigeria and 4 in Japan, how can anyone buy new players?
And obviously because my rating is going down, then so are my crowds, which isn't realistic, look at Bournemouth, Burnley, Palace, the same 10-20k come each week whether they are 8th or 18th.
It just frustrates me. A couple of little tweaks would reward persistence rather than punishing it, and reward those that yo yo and know the secrets...
13th Aug 19 8:18 AM
Posts 1,186
I couldn't agree with you more regards the ratings, it affects results in the cup if you play a team with a much weaker but are winning regualar because they are playing raggy arse rovers every other game. It should be based upon the teams you play so it only drops when they are lower ranked than you and beat you, but it never will be.
13th Aug 19 1:57 PM
Posts 246
The transfer market is next to no use whatsoever. There are no mid range players just really expensive or total rubbish!
14th Aug 19 7:33 AM
Posts 144
Originally posted by dazstag1967
The transfer market is next to no use whatsoever. There are no mid range players just really expensive or total rubbish!

The transfer market is awful. It would be good if there is any way that x amount of new managers can be created by the IAG staff. Not to manage the teams, just to transfer list 2 random players from each team.

Also opening up all the worlds transfer markets may be an idea, instead of just the last week or so at the end/beginning of the season.

Or even go one further and let managers have 3 teams. The game is not getting many new managers and it's quite stale. Allowing current managers an extra team may boost the transfer market as there would be more active teams.
14th Aug 19 3:10 PM
Posts 968
The transfer market certainly is stale and the prices keep climbing season after season.

Still, this is the game we have and much of the fun I get from the game is from finding my next goal to try and achieve (ratings points, cup runs, league position, etc.). When that's no longer enjoyable, I'll head on to pastures new if the game hasn't gotten back on Ron's radar screen.

In the meantime I'll keep plugging away and finding my enjoyment in the pockets of the game that I still really do enjoy.
14th Aug 19 7:32 PM
Posts 34
I have to admit, when I returned to the game - and it was a bit recently - I was a little bit startled to see the prices that many players were going for on the market.

I got lucky with some players I listed on the market - but other club's aren't. Clearly the rise in transfer fees didn't occur over a small period of time, but manifested over the seasons as clubs looked to either get as much cash for their assets or others looked to outbid one another.

Either way, the fact that the market has once again come up as a talking point on the forum reflects that a good, long discussion needs to be had - one that can promote ideas about keeping managers in the game for the long haul. If a new or returning manager, who finally gets access to the market, already sees potential top talent going for an inflated fee, they will either be put off from engaging further with the game or bankrupt themselves trying to get that one player - I highly doubt the latter would happen, but its just an example.
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