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20th Jun 20 1:02 AM
Posts 363
Financial decline.
It's game 14 and my club has lost almost a million so far. The squad is big with 24 players but the wage bill is only 57k. The stadium is 20,000 but nowhere near full due to a poor team. I still have 8 million in the bank but I don't want to run out of money like what happened to me at another team. Does anyone have any advice on the best way to reverse that situation? Is it better to sell the few good players I have to get wage bill lower or will that be counter productive as performances will become even worse.
20th Jun 20 3:51 AM
Posts 184
Start by lowering your ticket price until you are getting 100% attendances, this will increase your income whilst also ensuring you aren't losing fans.
20th Jun 20 10:21 AM
Posts 363
Originally posted by satellite360
Start by lowering your ticket price until you are getting 100% attendances, this will increase your income whilst also ensuring you aren't losing fans.
Yes I lowered the price but once it gets below 10 it doesn't seem to fill the stadium anymore.
20th Jun 20 11:04 AM
Posts 179
That's quite the challenge you have there. But if you turn it around, you have a 20k seater to work with, so why not try?

I'd say you need to get rid of your rubbish players and build a team that is capable of finishing around 5th place for the next 5 seasons. Results and ratings are what you're looking for, but do not promote!
20th Jun 20 11:57 AM
Posts 31
I?ve been playing as a financial challenge for quite awhile. Mostly due to my lack of time and inept football management. I have a second bank vault open these days. Ticket price still raises weird comments in the threads here, but once you find what works for your club it makes a big difference, just be ready for promotion and the impact that can have. I also use the academy, currently have just one purchase from the transfer market in my squad, which I keep very small compared to your 24. I think it all depends on your aspirations. My challenge this season is just staying up and trying to recruit some talent to the youth team.

Good luck.


20th Jun 20 12:05 PM
Posts 3
i tried selling one player with good fix attributes for 2 seasons, probably made very little money on him but he was maxed out in all but 4 areas. I sold him finally this week for 1.2 million and i see you have several players like this that if you persist will sell.
20th Jun 20 2:59 PM
Posts 680
The quick thing you can do is trim down the squad as much as possible, mate. You don't have much room for cutting expenses but there is some and if it is bad financially, simply get rid of all players you don't immediately need - every thousand in wages helps. Also check if you can renegotiate some contracts, how they are structured - maybe you are paying more in bonuses than you need to?

In the mid to long term you do need to think about boosting income though, which must include solid TP and a better core team players. Depending on the competition you face, a solid goalie and a solid striker should help achieve decent results against most weak teams, which should in turn help with attendances and additional income like TV money, etc.
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