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21st Aug 15 11:22 PM
Posts 12
Second Account Information - Rules & Approved Users
To successfully ensure second accounts remain totally impartial to the main account, we require the teams managed to reside in different leagues and accounts are linked.

The rules for second accounts have been created to ensure we have maximum control. To help us maintain this successfully, we ask for your full co-operation in following the guidelines and rules we have made available. Failure to comply will see us remove your second account with no refunds or notice.


And so, for those who want things in brief, to enjoy a second team, you need to do the following ;

(*) Make a post within the 2nd Team request thread, requesting a second team.
(*) Once granted, create a new account but note, a new email address is required.
(*) Check the assigned team against your main account team and ensure each are in a different league.
If they are within the same league, you must not log in to your second account for 5 days to ensure you gain the sack and are able to apply for a team in a different league.
If you gain a team within a different league but do not wish to keep it, you are only able to apply for clubs within Rule 5, so check out if that is applicable before seeking to change.
Please note the only way to resign within the first 35 days is to avoid any logins for 5 days.



1. The name of the second account must adhere to the following naming protocol to facilitate control and visibility: FirstAccountName_2nd E.g. TopGun2_2nd. No excuses will be accepted for any second accounts with names outside of this protocol and the accounts will be dealt with accordingly.

2. The second account's club name is a free choice of the manager.

3. The two clubs being run by one user must be linked via Manager > My Account > Linked Accounts and must be in different leagues.
2nd accounts are not allowed to apply for a club ranked in the top 100 (as shown on the vacancy list).

Rule 3 must be strictly obeyed at all times.
As with main accounts, second account managers should not seek to apply for clubs previously managed by themselves.

4. Friendly matches must not be played between two accounts run by the same person under any circumstances. This will be checked regularly and any breaches will be very strictly dealt with. Testing tactics by playing against another team you manage is not part of the deal and will not be tolerated. Organisers of friendly tournaments can decide their own rules regarding entries from 2nd accounts but under no circumstances can a match between them go ahead. If they are drawn to play each other then one team must forfeit. Again, the rules are clear, no excuses will be accepted and breaches of the rule will not be tolerated.

5. Similarly, under no circumstances can reserve matches be played between clubs managed by the same person.
If your 2 accounts are drawn together in the IAG Cup or Inter Cup you must play the game for both sides the same as you would if it was against any other team. It is expected that both clubs will play their strongest possible teams. Any transgression of this rule will result in both accounts being asked to find new teams.

6. Any breaches of these rules will render the 2nd account invalidated and, as such, the user will be dealt with as a standard multiple accounts case. Invariably this will result in the loss of one or both accounts and any future requests for a 2nd account will be rejected. If any user becomes aware of a breach in any of these rules they should contact a Mod who will take the appropriate action, confidentiality is assured.

7. Any user who would like to create a second account must obtain approval IN ADVANCE from the Mods. To do this a thread has been created in the General Discussions forum in which you must request authorisation to create the second account and you must confirm the intended name of the account and the intended name of the club. You will be notified by PM if your request has been accepted. You must also subsequently post which league your new club is in (and details of any club change required under rule 3). The first post in that thread will then be updated to maintain a full list of all 2nd accounts and their clubs, visible for all to see.
SOME FAQ Questions Answered

> You do not need to subscribe the second account. Of course, you are welcome to subscribe your second account should you so wish to. By subscribing your second account you will be able to rename your second team.

> Club allocation is random, when signing up, check to see if your second club is in a different league to your first account. If it isn't, do not login again and await the sack in 5 days. At this point, you can then select a club of your choice in a different league. As a concession, if this happens, the Admin team will allow you to rename your new team.

> Can I transfer between teams?"
No, this is strictly forbidden and could see you lose both your accounts.

> Teams drawn against each other within the Super Cup?
Both teams should play their strongest teams where possible and not use tactics to suit the other. The game should be played competitively and not to benefit either team. We will punish those teams discovered ignoring this.

> Help! I can't signup due to my email address in use."
Unfortunately, the game requires a new email address, we cannot help this and it will be up to you to provide this.

> I wish to change my main account... what do I do now?"
You must ensure you apply for a different club which is in a different league to your second account, and not place yourself within the league that your second account is in.
21st Aug 15 11:28 PM
Posts 12
Approved Users

1 TopGun2_2nd
2 samleeds99_2nd
3 simon10_2nd
4 seahawk_2nd
5 Silksworth_2nd
6 Haven_2nd
7 trickyuk_2nd
8 howie0175_2nd
9 Dingo93_2nd
10 Firesilver_2nd
11 calvinospark_2nd
12 sjd000_2nd
13 tscm11_2nd
14 itb2djo_2nd
15 Andy1970_2nd
16 Smiley1304_2nd
17 taz12_2nd
18 Wazza_RS_2nd
19 lawtons11_2nd
20 mickoloko_2nd
21 bcagfc_2nd
22 Mr_Brightsid_2nd
23 Timseagull_2nd
24 wally_2nd
25 GuruGreg_2nd
26 ozzymac_2nd
27 stripey_2nd
28 Levrier_2nd
29 Mick71_2nd
30 jfswfc39_2nd
31 sullymcfc_2nd
32 Zyrosity_2nd
33 adam28_2nd
34 DrWoodstock_2nd
35 RocketmanGav_2nd
36 cagbooth_2nd
37 Zunhs_2nd
38 pleasant_2nd
39 Anubis_2nd
40 rocketman_2nd
41 Ryan1uk_2nd
42 hitem24_2nd
43 adam_w_17_2nd
44 rafall_2nd
45 baggerboy_2nd
46 Duncan1960_2nd
47 DavePrice_2nd
48 beerpig_2nd
49 Sorgi_2nd
50 Justinsaid_2nd
51 alexknight2000_2nd
52 losersreunited_2nd
53 Breadman40_2nd
54 xJamesx90_2nd
55 ironpsycho_2nd
56 virgos_2nd
57 neff_2nd
58 bluelightning_2nd
59 Stan_2nd
60 Clayts_2nd
61 isticandy_2nd
62 pahawkfan_2nd
63 bigtyksen_2nd
64 AKRAZY_2nd
65 Killy_2nd
66 MemphisWill_2nd
67 MisterE_2nd
68 7steve7_2nd
69 Alf_Tupper_2nd
70 scottmcrae_2nd
71 marty15_2nd
72 circles_2nd
73 Ashe_2nd
74 Danny_2nd
75 Kronikx_2nd
76 eott_2nd
77 takkyonn_2nd
78 harribow_2nd
79 beeky_2nd
80 maddog17_2nd
81 WiFi_2nd
82 Posseidon_2nd
83 KyranLFC_2nd
84 DavidHedge_2nd
85 Lovemaster_2nd
86 Revieisking_2nd
87 colins70_2nd
88 PirateLee_2nd
89 Smiler_2nd
90 Kejeas_2nd
91 scotty1962_2nd
92 dutchcrow_2nd
93 lampshade77_2nd
94 James_2nd
95 johnnyred49_2nd
96 Vespillo_2nd
97 DazPlufc_2nd
98 KafkaStoleMy_2nd
99 Okgillette_2nd
100 mackfishy_2nd
101 KevinHann_2nd
102 weejordy97_2nd
103 Dreamslayer_2nd
104 GrampyNigel_2nd
105 AcidGT_2nd
106 HenryM_2nd
107 rambocat_2nd
108 zfreez_2nd
109 pmg68_2nd
110 thewrongone_2nd
111 Arranmane_2nd
112 Jjack10_2nd
113 Rikimaru_2nd
114 Nickdwj_2nd
115 AndrewCam_2nd
116 Tstuff_2nd
117 donnymayhem_2nd
118 adam_w_17_2nd
119 Aus_Manager_2nd
120 mygon_2nd
121 GingerFabio_2nd
122 AO_1_2nd
123 Rhys_hope7_2nd
124 Bartmeteenc_2nd
125 modonnell_2nd
126 johnmufta_2nd
127 Aberdeenange_2nd
128 Ryan1uk_2nd
129 porkpie_2nd
130 czambrana_2nd
131 gunners1974_2nd
132 MervynDay_2nd
133 Alimusei_2nd
134 Monamac1_2nd
135 Dougcfc78_2nd
136 Hamshanker_2nd
137 BigDave_2nd
138 warrenabi_2nd
139 cherub_2nd
140 L0vemaster_2nd
141 choppers_2nd
142 PeppermintBoy2nd
143 mikeyhaywood2nd
144 PH3NIX_2nd
145 BlueBoar_2nd
146 Fulchesterutd_2nd
147 jamesimp_2nd
148 Mitchel_2nd
149 silkcut04_2nd
150 Wolfenstolme_2nd
151 shauny_2nd
152 simbayo_2nd
153 Ton2495_2nd
154 Matt2001_2nd
155 Mick71_2nd
156 Dannyvic_2nd
157 pperren_2nd
158 leonedavid_2nd
159 magar62_2nd
160 Danielson_2nd
161 lordrahl_2nd
162 singe_2nd
163 downender_2nd
164 Donkilla_2nd
165 Trelly172nd
166 skol9879_2nd
167 zwaluwen_2nd
168 ragnorak_2nd
169 Glosterra_2nd
170 DJ88RUL_2nd
171 ydyoll_2nd
172 Podlecii_2nd
173 sparkplugmat_2nd
174 vuhsace_2nd
175 Ekstan_2nd
176 crystlab_2nd
177 TeamMarkFC_2nd
178 Johnson_2nd
179 timuk_2nd
180 FlyingDreame_2nd
181 tscm11_2nd
182 Zyro_2nd
183 bluey_2nd
184 morley_2nd
185 BerryStraw_2nd
186 FootballM_2nd
187 Sherlockh_2nd
188 stephen74_2nd
189 Boston2017_2nd
190 thatguydude_2nd
191 foreverLEEDS_2nd
192 rw706_2nd
193 Atlarney_2nd
194 callumfranc_2nd
195 Chernez10_2nd
196 nikgill85_2nd
197 ThatBoroKid_2nd
198 T_henry14_2nd
199 malabojim_2nd
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