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22nd Jul 20 2:05 PM
Posts 56
Akrazy - Buying - Selling -
looking to sell..

J Horner ( 51 ) Age 27 - Right FBk

would probs want to list at about 7-8M + 10%
22nd Jul 20 2:10 PM
Posts 7
on this squad...

Nicolá Gallina ( 53 ) Defensive midfielder - 28 years old

would probably list him at 12 - 14M + 10%
24th Jul 20 12:20 PM
Posts 56
FBR J Horner - 51 - 27 yrs - England League 7.99M ( can still improve with better coaches )

N Gallina - 54 - 28 yrs - Italy League - 12.99M ( Has much higher potential, 70+)

4 days left on listings.
25th Jul 20 9:26 PM
Posts 7
Currently listed :
N Gallina ( 54 ) 28 Yrs DMF : 12.99M
Easily Reach 65-75+ rating given a season with good coaches,

and has no bids currently with 3 days remaining.

Season 33 I'll be trying to offload..

J Uchechukwu ( 13 ) 18 Yrs FBK Right
M Ndiaye ( 12 ) 17 Yrs WbK Right
S Gangemi ( 30 ) 21 Yrs WbK Right

Boths will reach 30ish rating give or take,
will only make squad fillers for lower rated teams
low ratings and low contracts to help you avoid that dreaded promotion XD
will let them go for 500k ( open to negotiate ) so theres still a fliportunity for ya.
Gangemi won't train much higher but still has some green bars I will list him as low as

also selling :

GK : A Aleksic ( 67 ) 27 Yrs All 80+ FA

But I will be looking for a replacement GK before I sell him, 80+ FA untrained under
age of 20.

PM me on either account if any interest or if you have a GK I need
27th Jul 20 8:42 PM
Posts 7

I am looking for young untrained 50/60/70/80+ FA GK

to replace aleksic 67 rated who I am open for offers once I get a goalkeeper in,

can't see my coaches getting him much past a 70 rating, and would rather get a younger
one as it gives me more time to get my rating, 4501/5501

feel free to PM me if you have just joined a club and have 1 you'd be willing to sell,

I'd prefer 60/70 FA Gk but don't mind looking at options as I wan't to improve the depth of my

also the players I've listed closes today if anyones interested to buy them.
28th Jul 20 8:15 PM
Posts 15
Nascimento is on the Brazil market.
29th Jul 20 10:30 PM
Posts 7
Re-listed Gallina at 11.99M he had a bidder pulled out before, so hoping he will sell this time,

12M is a good price he should hit 60-65 rating this season even with my coaches. so if he don't sell I'll hold onto him for another season at least as his actually my best MF at the moment.
31st Jul 20 10:07 PM
Posts 56
Left Fullback , 23 Yrs old, Stephen Sugden ( 52 )

If anyones interested let me know, I currently have 2 players listed for 3 days so will have to wait 3-4 days.
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