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Football Leagues and Cups
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1st Aug 20 8:35 AM
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Originally posted by Harry_H0rnet
Cup final day is here. Through these crazy days and the money filled game does this still hold the same magic?

What are your earliest memories of a day full of crazy football coverage? Cameras at team hotels? Players being interviewed from their bedroom windows? Local shops having window displays, rossets and good luck signs up? The whole town talking about nothing else for weeks? Journeys to Wembley on train, coach and even helicopter being filmed and broadcast? The colour, sound and twin towers?

For me the day is still important as it brings my youth back to recall the nostalgia, innocence and magic of a game for everyone who can dream of a day out at the cup final. The only day of the year I was allowed to watch the football on TV when I came home from my Saturday morning game until the trophy was lifted. I would pick a side as my team never quite made it until 1984, when the toffees got us all stuck up. But the whole day is still crystal clear and I still have the flag.

For me the day is the celebration of the game and the eternal optimism of the fans. I hope we have a goal filled game, I always hope for that, and that the wonderful game can be the winner again.


Yes the cup used to be so important before it got ruined by money. I think the winner should get champions League football. That would bring back the importance and it should be more valuable than finishing 4th in the league. It would also give smaller teams hope of making the champions League. I think my first memory was Everton v Liverpool. I remember watching Coventry city beating Tottenham.
1st Aug 20 12:44 PM
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Cup Final Day memories

1. Kick off was always at the proper time of 3 o'clock - none of this nonsense.

2. It was always sunny on Cup Final Day. Maybe not where you lived but definitely always sunny at Wembley.

3. Settle in front of the TV (always BBC) from mid morning. You had to watch 'Cup Final It's a Knockout', 'Cup Final Question of Sport' and 'Cup Final Mastermind'. And what have we got today? Cookery programmes, a bit of Football Focus and bloody snooker!

4. Meet the teams at their hotels. What did they have for breakfast I wonder?

5. Meet the managers, goal of the season and 'The road to Wembley'.

6. Meet the teams on the pitch an hour before kick off. Anyone remember Liverpool's marvellous cream suits?

7. Then to decide ho to support. If not your own team (never happened except once recently) then always the perceived underdog. Unless you had a 'soft spot' for the other team.

8. Keep watching until the 6 o'clock news when the presentation, laps of honour and player interviews had been conducted. (Nowadays switch off immediately after the final whistle.)
1st Aug 20 6:40 PM
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Teams would prefer to finish 4th in the Prem than win the FA Cup. That's just wrong. Vis-a-vis, the Champions League has devalued the FA cup into oblivion i'm afraid.
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