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17th Jun 18 8:30 PM
Posts 137
Leaving coach
Dear porkpie,

Please note that our former coach, Madu Okonedo, was given notice and has now left the club.

Bernardo Pires

Secretary, Wearside Athletic

This coach was in the negotiation stage for new staff when i cancelled the offer and negotiated for a different coach. This has just cost me 168,000 for a staff member that was never at my club.

Im skint to start with never mind losing money I shouldn't be.
19th Jun 18 1:10 PM
Posts 3,284
Just jump clubs, plenty of vacant teams out there.

20th Jun 18 6:55 PM
Posts 3,142
How much time did he have left on his contract?
20th Jun 18 9:16 PM
Posts 137
Originally posted by stripey
How much time did he have left on his contract?

20 or so days I think. He wanted a 5 year deal hence the 168k buyout I had to pay even though I never had the coach on my staff.
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