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Create your football club from the ground up and establish yourself as a football manager.
Manage every aspect of your football club from player transfers to squad training.
Go head to head with thousands of football managers from all over the world.
General Discussions
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3rd Oct 17 8:50 PM
Posts 3,743
2nd Account Rules
1. The name of the second account must adhere to the following naming protocol to facilitate control and visibility: FirstAccountName_2nd E.g. TopGun2_2nd. No excuses will be accepted for any second accounts with names outside of this protocol and the accounts will be dealt with accordingly.

2. The second account's club name is a free choice of the manager.

3. The two clubs being run by one user must be linked via Manager > My Account > Linked Accounts and must be in different leagues.
2nd accounts are not allowed to apply for a club ranked in the top 100 (as shown on the vacancy list).

Rule 3 must be strictly obeyed at all times.
As with main accounts, second account managers should not seek to apply for clubs previously managed by themselves.

4. Friendly matches must not be played between two accounts run by the same person under any circumstances. This will be checked regularly and any breaches will be very strictly dealt with. Testing tactics by playing against another team you manage is not part of the deal and will not be tolerated. Organisers of friendly tournaments can decide their own rules regarding entries from 2nd accounts but under no circumstances can a match between them go ahead. If they are drawn to play each other then one team must forfeit. Again, the rules are clear, no excuses will be accepted and breaches of the rule will not be tolerated.

5. Similarly, under no circumstances can reserve matches be played between clubs managed by the same person.
If your 2 accounts are drawn together in the IAG Cup or Inter Cup you must play the game for both sides the same as you would if it was against any other team. It is expected that both clubs will play their strongest possible teams. Any transgression of this rule will result in both accounts being asked to find new teams.

6. Any breaches of these rules will render the 2nd account invalidated and, as such, the user will be dealt with as a standard multiple accounts case. Invariably this will result in the loss of one or both accounts and any future requests for a 2nd account will be rejected. If any user becomes aware of a breach in any of these rules they should contact a Mod who will take the appropriate action, confidentiality is assured.

7. Any user who would like to create a second account must obtain approval IN ADVANCE from the Mods. To do this a thread has been created in the General Discussions forum in which you must request authorisation to create the second account and you must confirm the intended name of the account and the intended name of the club. You will be notified by PM if your request has been accepted. You must also subsequently post which league your new club is in (and details of any club change required under rule 3). The first post in that thread will then be updated to maintain a full list of all 2nd accounts and their clubs, visible for all to see.
3rd Oct 17 9:01 PM
Posts 3,743
What To Do Now:

Once your request for a 2nd account has been approved.

Managers can gain a second account by signing up again and following the necessary procedure for registration.

1) You will be required to provide a different email address (preferably not hotmail or outlook as the site sometimes has issues with those email providers), so have one available and ensure you have access to it, to enable activation.

2) Proceed through the registration and enter your User Name, as described in the Rules with the addition of _2nd. For example, your original username_2nd ie ozzymac_2nd.
(If your name exceeds 13 characters in length remove as little from the end of your name as is necessary to fit _2nd at the end e.g. cookiemonster becomes cookiemonste_2nd)

3) When successfully signing up, you will be asked to create a Team Name.

4) Click Create Team

5) Check to see which League you are now assigned and ensure you are in a different League to your original team.

- If so, congratulations and continue enjoying your new team. Remember to link your accounts.

- If not, please log out and do not log in at any time until you are sacked after 5 days*

* If you do login again at any time after your initial team creation, you will not be sacked for a further 21 days. This is your only warning and you may be required to wait those 21 days before being able to apply for a team.

After being sacked, you will be able to use the Vacancies page to apply for a team within a different league. Once successful, you will also be able to request a team name change, simply PM PleasantSurprise, RocketmanGav or ozzymac.
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