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16th May 16 8:04 PM
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Managers' Development Discussion Thread - Club Makeovers
This is one of a group of threads inviting discussion from all managers about the proposals for developing various parts of Itsagoal.

It is important to realize that although each of the proposals has been formulated after much thought and discussion, none of them is set in stone. The members of the Think Tank have done their best to consider topics from all angles, but do not claim to have thought of absolutely everything.

This is therefore the chance for everyone to get involved with discussion. Please therefore read through the proposals, and make your comments.

For this process to be both useful and manageable, please do not stray from the topic being discussed. Threads will be closely moderated to keep them relevant.

We expect there to be differences of opinion, and would encourage all managers to engage in positive discussion. In the end, Itsagoal is Ron's game, and he will make the final decisions, but we want to hear from you first!


Club Makeovers

1 - The initial reset for manager vacancies will be as minimal as possible with only critical issues addressed: where addressed the benefits will be mitigated in some way. The vacancy will last for n days but the club will remain in this state until the 2nd reset. The point here is NOT to weaken the club or to strengthen it, but to offer it as far as possible as it had been, but to make it playable, too. Sometimes that may mean the club gets a small boost other times it may not. If the club has good or great players it will keep them except in extreme circumstances.

2 - Resets (the 2nd reset) for new managers will be comprehensive, with a 12th position average. The reset will be performed nearer the time a real manager will be allocated to the club. This is so that the club continues to play to a similar standard as it was left by the outgoing manager. The Youth Academy will be closed, but the club will be solvent and have some cash to spend. The squad will have a balanced range of players in terms of age and quality. That may also include the odd great player if it's appropriate for the division it is in.

3 - New managers will be channeled into the "bottom" division of each league. This will allow them the best opportunity to grow their club, enjoy a better chance of picking up silverware and learning their way round the game. Some fully reset clubs ( i.e. those that have had a 2nd reset ) perhaps from higher divisions will also popup on manager vacancies, for existing managers who fancy a change to apply for them. These clubs will be similar to clubs that are reset now; overall they may well have been improved by the reset process, but they will be balanced in terms of player quality and not be significantly strong in terms of the division they are in.

Its probably worth saying that the intention was never to make a reset club stronger than average for the division it was in, the fact that that does happen sometimes is not what was wanted when the game was created.
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