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11th Jan 19 1:06 PM
Posts 599
Two cheap midfielders for sale
I have transfer listed the following 2 players in Scotland, 4 days remaining.

Player: C. Rutiwen
Position: Creative midfielder - left foot
Age: 33
Rating: 64
Asking price: 2.2m

Rutiwen will only sign for one season, so if that's not long enough for you please do not bid.
For anyone who has already bid, if one season isn't enough, please withdraw your bids to give
others a chance. (3 bids already).

Player: J. Pomeroy
Position: Creative midfielder - right foot
Age: 19
Rating: 38
Asking price: 1.7m

Pomeroy is almost fully trained. A handy, young player for any lower league teams looking for a long-term player to strengthen their squad. (2 bids already)

Good luck to all bidders
14th Jan 19 7:45 AM
Posts 599
Quite a few bids for both players. One more day to go..

Rutiwen currently has 8 bids. Note that he'll only sign for one season so if you won't accept that then please don't bid.

Pomeroy currently has 6 bids.
15th Jan 19 6:47 PM
Posts 599
Rutiwen now has 12 bids.

Pomeroy has 7 bids.

An hour and a quarter to go if anyone wants to re-assess their bids.
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