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Create your football club from the ground up and establish yourself as a football manager.
Manage every aspect of your football club from player transfers to squad training.
Go head to head with thousands of football managers from all over the world.
What's under the League tab?

What's under the League tab?

You may know a lot about your Club, but what do you know about your League? Moreover, what do you know about all of the other leagues on Itsagoal?

League home takes you to a your League in a nutshell. You can see the leading Club in each Division, and a summary of their season up to this point, as well as an overall rating for the Division. On the left hand side, links take you to a more detailed look at each Division, where you can view fixtures and tables, and where are there are links to other statistical aspects. These are discussed in more detail below.

Statistics gives you the chance to see how your own players match up to the best in the League in two areas: there is a list of the fifteen most prolific strikers, and also a list of the fifteen players with the highest estimated values.

Richest clubs shows what you would expect - the Clubs in your League with the most money, with their values and Divisions listed.

Other leagues gives you a very good way of understanding the whole scope of Itsagoal. Each League in the game consists of five Divisions, with each Division comprising twenty Clubs. The Leagues are organised by countries, so you will see that their Divisions have a wide variety of names. Leagues are introduced to Itsagoal when required by the number of Managers playing.

Virtual leagues shows a list of all of the extra informal Leagues that have been set up by Managers to pay Friendly Matches. If you wish to join one of these Leagues, you are advised to send a PM to the owner, so that he can advise you how to do this. Virtual Leagues are usually protected by passwords.
If you would like to start your own league, then you need to visit this section of the Manager section and click on Create New League. Such virtual leagues are a special feature for Subscribers only.

The other tabs under the overall League heading all relate to the various Divisions in the League.

Each one of these will open at Division home, showing the table, the last set of league results, the next set of league fixtures and a few details about the current Divisional champions.

If a match is being played at the time you view this window, live scores will be displayed. You can then click on Match Feed to view in real time how a match is progressing. For details about match times, please click here.

Clubs shows rankings, club badges and Manager names.

The Table can be viewed in simple form (Summary table), with home and away matches combined in totals, or in a more comprehensive layout (Full table), giving separate statistics for home and away matches. Tables also show the average number of points scored per game (PPG) and the form over the last five League matches.

Form presents similar information, including a table but bases this on the last five matches only.

A lot of information is available under Fixtures. Here you can view the League fixtures for every day of the current season: these are selected via a drop-down menu. Fixtures yet to be played show the teams and the name of the referee. Clicking on the referee's name provides some statistics about him, which you might find useful when selecting your match tactics. Games that have already been played show goal scorers and the names of players who have been sent off by the referee. There is also a link to the Match Report.

Results duplicates some of the information already given in Fixtures, taking you directly to the most recently played set of matches.

Lastly, each Divisional tab has a Statistics subheading, further divided into
  • Home which provides a list of statistics about match results and about goals scored.
  • Leading scorers and
  • Player values give similar results to those found under the main League Statistics tab.

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