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Create your football club from the ground up and establish yourself as a football manager.
Manage every aspect of your football club from player transfers to squad training.
Go head to head with thousands of football managers from all over the world.
What's under the Statistics tab?

What's under the Statistics tab?


In the Statistics section of the site you can find out all sorts of information about the game, clubs and players.

Stats home

Click on the various tabs here to learn more about game statistics for players, clubs and the game itself.

Player stats

Leading scorers

Here are the game's sharpshooters, those goal poachers who can't stop scoring, the Messis and Ronaldos of Itsagoal. The details are for the current season underway and comprise the players' names, their clubs, the number of appearances made in the season (league and cup matches), number of goals scored and goals per game (GPG). Banging in more goals than any other player will get your man to the top of the charts. However, some managers set more store by the GPG statistic. Is this a better measure of a player's goalscoring ability? That's for you to decide.


Now for the game's bad boys: Itsagoal's Lee Cattermoles and Joey Bartons.
Ideally, you don't want your players appearing on this list as suspensions can hit your team badly.
Listed are those players with the worst disciplinary records, their clubs and the number of yellow and red cards received so far in the season (league and cup matches). The points system is 1 for a yellow card and 2 for a red card.

Player valuations

How much are your players worth? Can they make it to the top 15 list? To do so they must have a high estimated value. This is the game's valuation of the player and is based on a combination of factors.
The players' names, their clubs, their estimated value and their market value are all listed here.
A player's market value is sometimes quite different to his estimated value. This would mean that a player in the same position has recently been sold for that amount in the transfer market.

Club stats

The only statistic to see here is the top 15 clubs with the highest league attendances. These are broken down into average league match attendance and the total of attendances for league matches so far in the season.

Game stats

This tab shows which season Itsagoal is currently playing, which day of the season is in play, the total number of managers registered on that day and the total number of clubs taking part in the game.


Do you want to know what your ranking position is within the game? Then this is the place you find out.

Rankings home

Your manager overall ranking shows your current rank and that of a few managers close to you in the list. The details show your current rank on the day in play, your previous rank as it was the previous day and your best ever rank achieved since the game started. It also gives your name, league and division within that league as well as the total number of rating points you have accumulated in the game.

Your club overall ranking shows the same information as manager rankings but is relative to your club.

Clubs and Managers

These tabs, together with their subheadings give you information on the Top 10 clubs and managers in the game (pages on which every manager should be aspiring to appear!), the top 100 within the game, all the clubs and managers playing in your league and all the clubs and managers playing in your division.

The number of clubs in your league will always be 100 and the number of clubs in your division will always be 20.

The number of managers in your league and division will vary from time to time depending on which managers have joined or left their team.

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