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23rd Sep 22 1:14 AM
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players for sale
I can list the ones here that will be for sale once I have fully trained them,
with my guesstimates potential rating.

all with a 10% sell-0n Fee.

GKR - Weatherhead - 20 YO - 54 rating still training - 55-57, I'd like about 5-7M for (goalkeepers at this rating are only ever backups/ I won't demand 10M-15M like many would)
WBR - Shafeek - 20 YO - 61 rating still training - 65+, I'd like 15M+ (maybe ou of your price range at the moment)
FBL - T Jakku - 19 YO - 47 rating still training - 55 ish. 10M
SWL - M Lomas - 17 YO - 27 rating / will reach 40+ only want 4-5M
CBB - R Hue - 18 YO - 37 Rating / I hope he will reach 60+ also would want 10M+ if he reaches 60+ then probably a little more.
AML - A Abacha 18 YO - 47 rating / will reach mid 50s+ same again, roughly 10M
STR - S Xavier - 19 YO 31 rating / should easily reach mid 50s/ probably want 8-10M
HPL - P Markos - 18 YO 29 rating / will reach 40+ / probably want 3-4M

they might be some players you might want to short-list for the next couple of seasons.
I will always be re-selling players that don't reach a 70+ rating ( for now ) ( most of them I take on as training projects so that I can play reserve games without ruining my main squads fatigue )
and usually keep them until they are fully trained/ or until my coach can't do anything else with them, players in the 60s don't turn red for me even with 5501 staff with 1 exception a player rated 61
who I already sold, which leads me to believe some of these players will be 62+ at least ( shafeek/Hue have no reds )
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