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24th Apr 21 12:47 PM
Posts 10
Return to game & transfer questions
Hi All,
I?ve returned to the game after some years out (previous name Lemagee).

It?s great to see that there have been some developments since then (league restructuring, transfer market changes & server time changes to name only a few) but I was wondering if somebody could help explain the new transfer market structure.

I see that you?re able to view up to 2 other ?Countries? transfer list during a given day, but I saw a comment alluding to being able to view all countries transfer lists towards the end of the season. Is that correct?

Thanks for the info and any additional insight you can give.

24th Apr 21 2:45 PM
Posts 386
Hi, welcome back! Yes, there's a transfer window that runs from just before the end of the season to just after, during that time you can see all countries' transfer lists without needing scouts. I can't remember the exact days but I'm sure that'll be in one of the help files or something.
24th Apr 21 5:44 PM
Posts 615
Day 53 to Day 3 inclusive, the transfer window for all leagues is open.
On other days the two leagues you can say are your own league (every day) plus one other between days 5 to 52, that one cycles every day.
24th Apr 21 8:29 PM
Posts 10
Gents, thank you both !
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