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Create your football club from the ground up and establish yourself as a football manager.
Manage every aspect of your football club from player transfers to squad training.
Go head to head with thousands of football managers from all over the world.
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15th Nov 15 7:12 PM
Posts 2,877
Iron Shield (Season 47)
Season 2: Winners: Whu FC, jpspecials (ENG) - Runners up: MCs Owls, Mcchancy (NIG) (1-0)
Season 3: Winners: Insmouth Cheetahs, KevinHann (BRA) - Runners Up: Killer Hawks, Scolly (SPA) (1-0)
Season 4: Winners: MOT Whites, bigtyksen (ITA) - Runners Up: Santos, Horteca (SPA) (2-1)
Season 5: Winners: Calabest FC, Tstuff (ITA) - Runners Up: FC Batern, wally (GER)
Season 6: Winners: BROADWAY ACADEMY, lawtons11_2nd (USA) - Runners Up: Tox1cbeasts, sirchan (BRA)
Season 7: Winners: Orient, colins70_2nd (JAP) - Runners Up: Stmirrenoff, donnymayhem_2nd (BRA)
Season 8: Winners: FC Schalke 04, Thiago (SPA) - Runners Up: Uc United FC. herbie (SCO)
Season 9: Winners: Peaky Blinders FC, Scotty1962 (BRA) - Runners Up: Demons FC, adam28_2md (NIG)
Season 10: Winners: Alexandra County, jpjjpj (GER) - Runners Up: Welly Park FC, ConeHead (ESP)
Season 11: Winners: Manchester Utd, 99abass (NIG) - Runners Up: Stoic City, kaidac (USA)
Season 12: Winners: Poyraz FC, DonKilla (SCO) - Runners Up: Norwich FC, konstantinos (ESP)
Season 13: Winners: Borrussiah United, SirKennyDaglsih (SCO) - Runners Up: Club De Sodaug, Virgos_2nd (BRA)
Season 14: Winners: Peterhead FC, clach (SCO) - Runners Up: Old Balls FC, Lux63 (IRE)
Season 15: Winners: Olimpia, samleeds99 (SCO) - Runners Up: Funny Guys, jpjjpj_2nd (BRA)
Season 16: Winners: Oldhamoldham, Mitchel_2nd (ENG) - Runners Up: Mordor FC, Gatyus (NIG)
Season 17: Winners: Norfolk Enchants, NotSoSpecialOne (ESP) - Runners Up: Other Team 2nd, pahawkfan_2nd (IRL)
Season 18: Winners: MTL - MARVELS, lawtons11 (GER) - Runners Up: The Spankees, Gatyus (SCO)
Season 19: Winners: Esporte Clube Vitoria, robbieperren (BRA) - Runners Up: Essex Reiders, Sheera (SCO)
Season 20: Winners: Lancaster Red Roses FC, Mr_Brightside (ENG) - Runners Up: Tassie Rangers, cherryred (JAP)
Season 21: Winners: Paralympique Marseille, Glosterra_2nd (BRA) - Runners Up: Old n Arthritic, ozzymac_2nd (NIG)
Season 22: Winners: Leamington Futsal, beeky (ITA) - Runners Up: Brewers Troupe, Lovemaster (GER)
Season 23: Winners: Chawberry Wood, Littlemonkey (ITA) - Runners Up: Dhaasalo Sundowns, Zyro (SPA)
Season 24: Winners: Starr Gate, BlueBoar_2nd (NIG) - Runners Up: The New Digital FC, EzeDijital (USA)
Season 25: Winners: 1886 Argyle, Fulchesterutd2nd (IRE) - Runners Up: Green Tropical, herbie (USA)
Season 26: Winners: Shamrock FC, NookieBear (NIG) - Runners Up: The Mighty Badgers, Vladoni (IRE)
Season 27: Winners: AYDEMIR REDS, jpjjpj (SCO) - Runners Up: Stejarii Saftica, MajorStar (BRA)
Season 28: Winners: Royal Antwerp FC, Duncan1960_2nd (JAP) - Runners Up: Unaikings, T_henry14 (IRE)
Season 29: Winners: Villa R Back, HobGoblin (ITA) - Runners Up: Ryelands United. almahaza (JAP)
Season 30: Winners: East Lancs FC, SonicNiko_2nd (SCO) - Runners Up: Burgas Sharks, Mavrodiev (IRE)
Season 31: Winners: Newcastle United, bigtyksen (JAP) - Runners Up: Chelsea, DonKilla (JAP)
Season 32: Winners: Blue Lagoon, pperren_2nd (NIG) - Runners Up: London AFC, Kyth (IRE)
Season 33: Winners: Alba Gu Brath, clach (ENG) - Runners Up: Reunited, MrMighty_2nd (NIG)
Season 34: Winners: Guinea Pig FC, Andy1970_2nd (BRA) - Runners Up: Football, SonicNiko (NIG)
Season 35: Winners: Chelsea 1905FC, Ryanj1991 (SCO) - Runners Up: Cf Portu, porkpie_2nd (USA)
Season 36: Winners: Buyer Leathercushion, Spencer29 (GER) - Runners Up: Viitorul Dersca, operation_ivy (ITA)
Season 37: Winners: Lancastrian Redmen, Mr Brightside (BRA) - Runners Up: Tropic Thunder Res, SuperK_2nd (IRE)
Season 38: Winners: Donny Rovers FC, bigtysken_2nd (SCO) - Runners Up: The Albion, FootballM_2nd (USA)
Season 39: Winners: Winsford United, Lovemaster (BRA) - Runners Up: New Orleans, vlood_2nd (NIG)
Season 40: Winners: FC Inventor, Aeric (ITA) - Runners Up: Gidi Soarers, Spencer29 (BRA)
Season 41: Winners: Carrow Old Boys, Euro (JAP) - Runners Up: Eagle Eyes, SuperK (NIG)
Season 42: Winners: Yomi Killers, wally_2nd (ITA) - Runners Up: Barca Fire, cherub_2nd (IRE)
Season 43: Winners: FC Renorichard Utd, hamshanker_2nd (ENG) - Runners Up: Placebo Place, rambocat_2nd (SCO)
Season 44: Winners: New Justland, johnmufta (NIG) - Runners Up: Haifa Corsham FC, Clayts_2nd (NIG)
Season 45: Winners: Lancashire Redmen FC, Mr_Brightside (BRA) - Runners Up: Morgliari, greenbob (USA)
Season 46: Winners: Club de futbol, FootballM_2nd (SPA) - Runners Up: Runnymede Rangers, AndyP (GER)
Season 47: Winners: Mog Mog City, bigtyksen_2nd (USA) - Runners Up: Ryelands United, LouisvanGoal (JAP)
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