Ireland Senior League 2 home
Current Senior League 2 Champions
Danger FC (73)
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ManagerSonicNiko_2nd (54)Also known as-
Formed25th August 2015Stadium nameDanger Stadium
RatingWorld rank73/1,000
Recent results
DateTime   Report
09-Apr18:00Lame Pigs1-2Barca Fire
09-Apr18:00Naija City0-1Red Bull
09-Apr15:00Crazy Crew1-2Orukwo Bfc
09-Apr15:00Crazy Beavers2-2Red And Blue
09-Apr15:00Phibsborough Boys2-0Malaga Cf
09-Apr15:00Shorts FC2-2Walton Wolves
09-Apr12:00Minerul Matasari3-0Matsugaoka FC
09-Apr12:00Juando United1-2The Leaf Village
09-Apr12:00King Edward2-2Omagh Town
Upcoming fixtures
11-Apr12:00The Leaf VillagevShorts FC 
11-Apr12:00Matsugaoka FCvMikelReds 
11-Apr12:00Omagh TownvNaija City 
11-Apr15:00Red And BluevLame Pigs 
11-Apr15:00Orukwo BfcvPhibsborough Boys 
11-Apr15:00Walton WolvesvCrazy Beavers 
11-Apr15:00Malaga CfvMinerul Matasari 
11-Apr18:00Barca FirevCrazy Crew 
11-Apr18:00Red BullvJuando United 
11-Apr18:00CanariesvKing Edward 
Senior League 2 table