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Kick-off: 12:00 Minutes Played 85
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Mister Sitter (6)
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Managerpleasant_2nd (1)Also known as-
Formed23rd August 2015Stadium nameThe Open Goal
RatingWorld rank6/1,000
Recent results
DateTime   Report
25-Feb18:00Fegatazzo FC3-1Elinia
25-Feb18:00FC Ocean1-2Its A Gull United
25-Feb18:00Superspurs0-3Shanias Club
25-Feb15:00The Sauce2-2Stoic City
25-Feb15:00Swifts aFc1-1Bolt Thrower
25-Feb15:00Manama AFC2-0Aurum Lapis
25-Feb15:00Mister Sitter2-2Mog Mog City
25-Feb12:00Tamworth FC0-2Moodle Juniors
25-Feb12:00Wirral Rubbish3-0Digger Dagger
25-Feb12:00Sultans Of Unai1-2La Sombra del Viento
Upcoming fixtures
26-Feb15:00Bolt ThrowervFC Ocean 
26-Feb15:00Stoic CityvManama AFC 
26-Feb15:00Moodle JuniorsvSwifts aFc 
26-Feb15:00Shanias ClubvMister Sitter 
26-Feb18:00Its A Gull UnitedvFegatazzo FC 
26-Feb18:00EliniavThe Sauce 
26-Feb18:00Mog Mog CityvSultans Of Unai 
27-Feb12:00Swifts aFcvLa Sombra del Viento 
27-Feb12:00SuperspursvAurum Lapis 
27-Feb12:00Tamworth FCvMog Mog City 
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