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Create your football club from the ground up and establish yourself as a football manager.
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18th May 16 10:00 PM
Posts 41
why not adding loaning of player
21st May 16 2:06 PM
Posts 10
I think the idea of free agents is a good one and realistic, we need a few below average bit of a gamble stop gaps.

I'd release a couple of players that would increase players on the transfer market.. Realistically there are many . Old IAG had too many of course, the balance is somewhere in the middle.

Could I clarify one point.
What are the planned arangements for negotiating contract, same as now?

EDIT not seen the Youth thread, I need to see that, if it adds players to the TM.
21st May 16 10:17 PM
Posts 78
You need to check out the Player Agents thread too.
23rd May 16 10:08 AM
Posts 2
Loan system would be really good, if for instance you only have 2 keepers on the books and one gets a longish injury. Even if it is limited to just one loan player each season it would be useful. The shorter-term contracts for older players is really annoying. These players tend to be higher rated, demand higher wages and signing on fees yet you can only get them on a year contract. This inflates your wage bill as it is and makes it harder to build a successful team as your better players keep retiring some as early as 33?!!!!

Also although some like the mystery and lottery of players you get in the transfer market can someway of scouting these players beforehand be possible? Almost every player I have bought since the reset has been duds.
23rd May 16 10:33 AM
Posts 212
Sorry but given the most you have spent on a player is 250000 dont think you can expect any thing but a dud player.Even in the early days of the market you couldnt expect abargin for that price.
7th Jun 16 5:19 PM
Posts 15
Is their a date where these improvement are added?
7th Jun 16 5:45 PM
Posts 626
Look at news section, Itsagoal development article for timeframe.
13th Feb 17 8:39 PM
Posts 19
We just need more players on the market, I'm down to 19 with two retiring, and have promoted one youth, with another to come, but that is going to affect my club rating, so I'd prefer to buy players, but there just aren't enough, or they are out of my price range, so I may end up getting sacked as I run out of players...
14th Mar 17 8:41 PM
Posts 15
Originally posted by IAG_moderator

  • Sellers to have the option of listing a player on all league markets, 50% of markets, or just the home market, The cost of the listing would be dependent both on the number of leagues listed in and on the player's selling price. In addition to that, if the player is sold then a sales tax would apply. A percentage of the final selling fee would be deducted. The exact percentage would again depend on the number of markets in which the player is .

  • Couldn't see this anywhere but would listing fees be refunded if the player doesn't sell?

    What about the possibility of changing the listing price, obviously only if no bids have been made. Would aid in any mistakes made during listing and if a player isnt selling allow the sellar to drop the price to make the player more attractive?
    10th Mar 18 4:53 PM
    Posts 212
    Dont like this idea at all. We are just turning this into an Auction House and will not help managers who log in once or twice a day. Itsagoal is not a game that needs to be dynamic, the current Transfer market works fine, its just a lack of education for managers in identifying whats a good player or not.

    The game needs to be based on potential rating with around 100k per point up to say 70 when the players above will be dictated by demand of all the bigger teams. So in theory a 50 rated player should be sold at around 5m mark (give or take a bidding war). A player of 75 potential could go for between 7.5m-20m depending on position, age, demand

    Player contract duration? Why does this need changed? All this will do is force clubs to push older players out because of the amount of money in signing on fees they will have to pay them. Also there would need to be a change to the 56 day renegotiation otherwise you will end up with a lot of 33yo players' contracts running out and managers getting annoyed at losing money on them. Right now older higher rated players are there for smaller clubs to get to push up their squad rating which will push their club rating up and may make them reach the next club tier so they can acquire better staff so they can in turn invest on bringing in through better youths.

    The only i would make to the current Transfer market is clubs being able to view again the amount of bids placed on a player. This may drive up prices yes given the game doesnt tell you if you dont make the top 3 for contract talks, its kinda hard top judge what you should offer.
    10th Jul 18 4:19 PM
    Posts 865
    Resurrecting a dead thread, I know, I know, but I wanted to get this down before I forgot it.

    I find pricing the market to be tricky, even for someone who has played this game for a while (and bought and sold a few handfuls of players). Therefore, a little added transparency in the market could be useful for both new and old managers.

    It would be useful for understanding the current market for there to be a report of what the bid amounts were that made it to negotiations when a player sells. Right now, you can see the amount a player sold for either on their player page or for any player that has sold recently either to or from your league via the Transfer main page. It would be very useful to see on that transfer main page what the other bid amounts were (and, potentially, total # of bids) for completed sales so you could see:

    A) how high bids need to be to get to negotiations for certain types of players (e.g., how much do high potential youth GKs go for? what about aging DFs?, etc.),
    B) when a manager overbid for a player (i.e., bid 2 was substantially less or non-existent) - essentially, how much more did I bid than I needed to for a player?, and
    C) when players are priced well and they get a few bids that may be higher than would be expected for a player of their type (does it help to price a high potential player low to get more interest in them or to price them high and just get a couple of bids?)

    This would just involve adding a couple of columns to the table that's in there already. If space is a concern, the bids could be in millions to a decimal (e.g., 1.2m) and the date column could be shortened to just 'day' with the day of the season used instead of the date (would make more sense for those of us who have the season change in the middle of a day due to where we live). But that's getting into the weeds...

    Overall, I think this would assist in helping new and old players in making better use of their funds and have players sell for more consistent prices.

    Just my 2 cents
    11th Jul 18 7:42 AM
    Posts 633
    I agree that info would be good to see however, I would suggest the extra details should only be available to those that bid on the player... It could be included in and email when bidding phase has completed..
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