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Rules of game

Create your football club from the ground up and establish yourself as a football manager.
Manage every aspect of your football club from player transfers to squad training.
Go head to head with thousands of football managers from all over the world.
Rules for playing

The Terms of Use for playing include acceptance of the rules. The Rules apply to everyone using These rules are implemented to prevent cheating, to provide an enjoyable experience and to make the game fair for all our users.

Please take your time to read through the rules carefully. Moderators expect you to follow them and ignorance is not a valid excuse should you be caught cheating or abusing the game in any way. If you have any questions about the rules, please contact a Moderator. You will find a list of Moderators here.


Moderators are defined as Boss (BOSS), Gamemaster (GM), Moderator (MOD) or ADV (Advisor).

One account per user

Multiple accounts per user are strictly forbidden. You are permitted to register only once. If you attempt to register more than once or persist in creating multiple accounts, we will take action against your account and may contact your ISP.

The only exception to this rule is for those Subscribers who have been given permission to run a Second Account. Further details can be found on the Subscribers section of the Community Forums.


The managers of linked accounts are forbidden from bidding on the Transfer Market for the same player.


You should report bugs or temporary problems to a moderator as soon as possible after discovery.

Abusing known or unknown bugs or temporary problems with our servers is not permitted under any circumstances. Any manager caught cheating or exploiting the game in any way is very likely to be suspended or banned from playing


If you see or know another user is cheating, or trying to cheat, report them to a moderator and we will investigate the situation. All information will remain strictly confidential and your username will not be mentioned at any stage.

Moderators is designed to be fun to play, and thus depends on trust and respect. It is against the rules to mislead Moderators in any way. Similarly, impersonating a Moderator is strictly forbidden.

Community rules and etiquette

Normal netiquette applies. Users are not allowed to swear, USE ONLY CAPITAL LETTERS, make racist remarks, or to be abusive to other users, moderators or anyone else. Even if there are differences of opinion, we expect our users to be able to keep a civilised tone and act courteously towards each other.

If you spot someone who is abusive in the community or elsewhere in the game, please report them to a moderator. Our moderators have powers to remove any form of communication in the community without prior notice.

Advertising of other products

It is strictly forbidden to advertise products from other companies anywhere in the game. All such posts or messages will be removed immediately and a community ban could be enforced.


Managers are not allowed to flood or spam within the community. Flooding and spamming is when you keep posting the same or pointless messages over and over, within a short period of time. A community ban could also be enforced.

Destruction of clubs

Managers are not allowed to destroy Clubs. Examples of such behaviour would be to re-sign all players with too high contracts, in order to destroy the economy of a club, to buy poor players at too high prices while selling good players at too low prices, or to be selling off the best players of a team without good reason, etc. Any such behaviour will be investigated and may be construed as cheating. If you suspect another manager of club destruction, please report it to a Moderator as soon as possible and the issue will be addressed.

Consciously causing damage

It is forbidden for users to consciously attempt to damage the game through false advertising, unfounded accusations or other misleading information directed towards the game, the moderators or, no matter where this takes place.

Constructive criticism is appreciated when posted in the appropriate community section.

Helping other users

It is strictly forbidden to help other users by purchasing players from their Club that you do not need or selling them players that you do need just to strengthen their Club at your expense. It is also forbidden to attempt to lose games deliberately.

User accounts and clubs

Buying, selling or swapping user accounts or clubs is strictly forbidden. Users dealing in such actions risk losing their club or accounts without compensation.


Minor offences against the Rules of will be dealt with by the admin team, often via the internal message system. Very often such communications will take the form of a warning, in the hope that no further action will be necessary.

If you contravene any of the Terms of Use, we will contact you to discuss this, and may suspend your account and your access to Whilst your account is suspended you will have the opportunity to discuss the issue with via email. If we propose to ban your account, we will explain to you why we deem this to be necessary, and will give you a chance to tell us about any mitigating circumstances.

If you persist in breaking the Terms of Use of, we will terminate both your account and any subscription you may have. We may also contact your ISP if you attempt to register new accounts where you have previously been banned. Where we suspend, ban or terminate accounts, we will not refund you any subscription fees or other charges that you have already paid.

Banning a user is a last resort. Such action is not taken lightly by, as we recognise the time and effort many managers spend building their team. In the event of a serious breach of the rules, including a repeated offence after a suspension, and when deemed unavoidable, a ban will be enforced.

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