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Free Online Football Manager Game

Manage and build your own football club from the ground up and lead your players to glory. Compete with thousands of real online football managers who want to win the football league title and become the top football manager. Enter your club into Football League Cup and Super Cup competitions. gives you full control over your football club and players. Buy and sell players on the transfer market or nurture youth players through your club's football youth academy. Increase the size of your football ground and get extra gate revenue. gives you the total experience of being a real football manager and it's free to play.
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Create your football club from the ground up and establish yourself as a football manager.

Enter a thriving online community of football clubs, managers, leagues and cup competitions.
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Manage every aspect of your football club from player transfers to squad training.

Employ scouts, coaches, physios, youth coaches and assistant managers to help you build a world class club.
Go head-to-head with thousands of football managers from all over the world.

Compete in leagues, cups and friendlies as you strive to establish yourself as the best football manager of all time.
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Latest Community Discussions
Stadium capacity bug: 500 ghost seats
This is probably the likeliest scenario, although I'm a bit surprised that the stadium development expenses are written under season 17 while they were paid for in season 18. ...
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Stadium capacity bug: 500 ghost seats
Revieisking was manager for 26 days. So it seems extremely likely that he built 2 corners, started a third, and resigned while it was in construction (possibly even on the sam...
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Youth Promotions/REJECT
I agree with Firesilver, and would even go further, in that I only look for 13-14 year-olds, and leave them as long as possible. I've not had a failure for many seasons now. ...
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The WORD game -
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The WORD game -
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The WORD game -
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Stadium capacity bug: 500 ghost seats
Good thinking and thanks for getting me on track. But something doesn't add up here. I took a dip into the financial history of the club to find the paid fees under 'stadium d...
Bugs & Site Issues
Stadium capacity bug: 500 ghost seats
Actually, I think a more likely scenario is that you attempt to build one of the corners that is "already built" and it just doesn't do anything. Hopefully it won't take your ...
Bugs & Site Issues
Stadium capacity bug: 500 ghost seats
Can anyone confirm it will auto fix itself? Right now I can also imagine that my tier 1 will have 10,500 seats after I build the remaining stands and my max stadium capacit...
Bugs & Site Issues
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submitted by AndyP 20 days 2 hrs 10 mins ago
Hi everyone, the IAG Super Cup Final has been covered on the channel. Tune in to see what happened!!!
submitted by AndyP 23 days 8 hrs 23 mins ago
The last 8 of the IAG Super Cup is established, so find out who they are, and why not look at my predictions and have a go yourself?
submitted by AndyP 52 days 1 hr 26 mins ago
Who wants to watch an IAG great Cup Final?
submitted by AndyP 76 days 2 hrs 7 mins ago
Feel free to watch the S48 Season Closer IAG Cup Final video - Ready to watch -
submitted by Moffit 78 days 3 hrs 42 mins ago
Friday 6th Jan before new season begins: Well several seasons in made no real progress on getting out of championship but maybe longer plan will work. Now have youth finally coming through as backbo...
submitted by AndyP 80 days 1 hr 36 mins ago
Feel free to checkout the IAG Super Cup Quarter Finalists for S48!
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If you want to know who won the IAG World Cup 2022 then click this
submitted by AndyP 108 days 2 hrs 16 mins ago
All the action in this episode, including pre & post match analysis and of course the game itself! :-) Enjoy
submitted by AndyP 124 days 22 hrs 16 mins ago
Catch all the action and analysis in this YT vid :-)
submitted by AndyP 130 days 6 hrs 42 mins ago
Take a look at our own IAG World Cup 2022. Study the form & make your predictions. Good Luck!

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