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Free Online Football Manager Game

Manage and build your own football club from the ground up and lead your players to glory. Compete with thousands of real online football managers who want to win the football league title and become the top football manager. Enter your club into Football League Cup and Super Cup competitions. gives you full control over your football club and players. Buy and sell players on the transfer market or nurture youth players through your club's football youth academy. Increase the size of your football ground and get extra gate revenue. gives you the total experience of being a real football manager and it's free to play.
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Create your football club from the ground up and establish yourself as a football manager.

Enter a thriving online community of football clubs, managers, leagues and cup competitions.
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Manage every aspect of your football club from player transfers to squad training.

Employ scouts, coaches, physios, youth coaches and assistant managers to help you build a world class club.
Go head-to-head with thousands of football managers from all over the world.

Compete in leagues, cups and friendlies as you strive to establish yourself as the best football manager of all time.
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Latest Community Discussions
Youth Academy News
just promoted a goalkeeper, he picked up a knock on his first day of training :rolleyes: go figure..
New General Discussions Forum
Youth Academy News
I always prefer looking for taller players and an athletic or muscular build depending on their position, but if a short fat kid turns up with potential to hit 100 rating I'm ...
New General Discussions Forum
Youth Academy News
The only stupid question is the one you don't ask :) welcome! From the makeup of the top teams I'd say any effect nationality does have is minimal if it even exists. No lan...
New General Discussions Forum
Jeremias Rodriquez, 17 y/o 90+ FAs fullback
Jeremias Rodriquez, 17 year old 90+ fixed attributes fullback going on sale now in Brazil. 40m+10%. :)
Transfer Forum
Season review thread
38 wins from 38 games in the league. Achieved what I set out to this season. Two solid youth promotions this season and with a 97/97/97 striker being promoted next week, we wi...
New General Discussions Forum
Season review thread
To annoy firesilver.... I'm finally back at the bottom of the league after this relegation. A good 224 days wait. In the meantime, my best team gives me an overall rating ...
New General Discussions Forum
Youth Academy News
Hello, I'm new to the game and this is my first post. I hope I'm not asking a stupid question :) I already know that the potential of players in the youth academy depends on...
New General Discussions Forum
Season review thread
Your turn to start the thread this season :) we could keep this one alive every couple of weeks :p Off pitch, a pretty good year. I had a couple of good promotions, one of ...
New General Discussions Forum
Reserve matches rest of season
Sent for Sunday, sat taken
Reserve Matches
Jim Lopez 18 y/o MF; FAs 83 and up
Jim Lopez 18 y/o MF; FAs 83 and up One day left.
Transfer Forum
Latest Football Blogs from the Community
submitted by AndyP 1 day 16 hrs 40 mins ago
Here are the 8 teams left. Who's your guess on the winner?
submitted by AndyP 15 days 17 hrs 54 mins ago
If you want to find out who won what and which country leagues are on form, then here's an Inter Cup Special Report
submitted by AndyP 30 days 14 hrs 3 mins ago
It's a David vs Goliath clash in the League Cup Final with Greenholm Rangers taking on Surfers Locker - Enjoy
submitted by AndyP 54 days 15 hrs 11 mins ago
If you want to know who won this season's Super Cup then find out in style by watching the build up and the game on
submitted by AndyP 86 days 14 hrs 46 mins ago
When these 2 teams play in a final there's always action!
submitted by AndyP 94 days 19 hrs 15 mins ago
Hey everyone, I'm doing a series of my own tutorial vids on IAG aimed at beginners. If you think these may help, here's the intro vid...
submitted by AndyP 110 days 14 hrs 43 mins ago
Don't miss out on the top 2 teams of IAG going for glory in this mouth-watering tie!
submitted by AndyP 113 days 17 hrs 20 mins ago
In this vid I go through the last 8 clubs and give my predictions . Would love to know your predictions :-)
submitted by AndyP 128 days 8 hrs 50 mins ago
Find out which is the most competitive division on Itsagoal - No Question :-)
submitted by AndyP 130 days 13 hrs 18 mins ago
In preparation for the Inter Cup Finals on Wednesday, I've dropped a video explaining what the Inter Cup is and who the Finalists are!

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