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Squad home

Create your football club from the ground up and establish yourself as a football manager.
Manage every aspect of your football club from player transfers to squad training.
Go head to head with thousands of football managers from all over the world.

Club Squad

To get the best out of your team you'll need to learn how to manage your squad. Using the 'Squad home page' you can keep track of all the important stats of your team's players. Check your clubs leading goal scorers table to identify which strikers are your most reliable. Also keep an eye on the disciplinary record of your squad to see who your hot heads are and who is due for a suspension should they pick up another yellow card.

Squad Manager

There's more to managing a squad than just putting players on the pitch and trying to win matches. The 'Squad Manager' allows you to negotiate player contracts. Your players don't play for free and will demand various terms in their playing contracts such as daily wages, match day appearance fees, seasonal increases and various release clauses to name a few. As manager it is your job to use your negotiating skills to agree to terms with each player that will benefit them and your club. Players can also be insured, which can be financially beneficial if one of your players picks up a long term injury.


You squad will never get any better if they don't train, so make sure you've got a good coach and then put your team to work. Players can be trained in a variety of skills such as Crosses, Sprints, Technique and Set Pieces. Some training assignments are more position specific than others such as 'Shooting' which is an essential skill for any good goal scorer whereas 'Weight Training' is useful to build up the strength of any player.

Training intensity can be set at different levels which directly effects how hard a player will train but don't forget players need rest days too! As the manager it is up to you to find a balance between intensity and training assignment that will get the most improvement out of your players.

Weekly training schedules can also be created to give your players a weekly routine of various training skills.

Treatment Room

The treatment room is not a place you want your players spending long periods of time in, so hire a good physio to ensure your players recover as quickly as possible. Players can pick up knocks or injuries through training or during matches and the severity of injuries will effect how long the player will be unavailable for. A knock is a minor injury where the player will still be available for match selection. As manager it is up to you to decide whether to play a player carrying a knock and risk him causing further damage to it or play it safe and rest him for a day or so until he recovers.

Players that pick up an injury will be unavailable for team selection until they are fully healed by the physio. Injuries come in different grades of severity forcing them out for varying amounts of time. It is even possible, although extremely rare, for a player to suffer a career ending injury!

Youth Academy

Setting up a youth academy on is simple. First you need to hire a Youth Coach and then you use your Scout(s) to search the globe for promising youth prospects. The youth academy is an ideal place to produce future star players for your club. Scouts can be assigned to search for players based on their age, nationality, best position or foot preference to allow you to find the right type of player to fit into your squad.

Once you've found a player that fits your criteria you put him into the academy for the Youth Coach to look after. Once in the academy the player may improve over time, some will improve rapidly while others may not improve much at all and may never make it as a professional footballer. You decide which youth prospects deserve promotion to the senior squad and a professional contract.
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Create your football club from the ground up and establish yourself as a football manager.

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