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Create your football club from the ground up and establish yourself as a football manager.
Manage every aspect of your football club from player transfers to squad training.
Go head to head with thousands of football managers from all over the world.
Latest blogs from the community
submitted by AndyP 13 days 15 hrs 34 mins ago
Find out all the Trophy Winners from across the Divisions on IAG :-)
submitted by AndyP 28 days 9 hrs 35 mins ago
Here's a game with some typical IAG action. It takes a while to warm up and then...
submitted by AndyP 52 days 9 hrs 33 mins ago
Want to know what happened in the S57 IAG Super Cup Final - Then look no further!
submitted by AndyP 69 days 13 hrs 25 mins ago
Find out what happened in the finals of all 6 trophies!
submitted by AndyP 84 days 5 hrs 35 mins ago
Surely the German Cup game of tag played by Greenholm Rangers & Inter Milager can't continue...Well find out here in this action packed video!
submitted by AndyP 108 days 8 hrs 57 mins ago
It's a classic Cup Final - that's fair to say. Full coverage here on Youtube:
submitted by AndyP 125 days 12 hrs 39 mins ago
Find out the final results and the winning clubs for all 6 competitions and discover which leagues were represented by the winners!
submitted by AndyP 140 days 8 hrs 27 mins ago
You don't want to miss this game against 2 Bundesliga Heavyweights. Enjoy!
submitted by AndyP 164 days 6 hrs 41 mins ago
If you want to know the result in style then here's the video!
submitted by AndyP 167 days 13 hrs 49 mins ago
Out of the 8 teams left I've chosen 2 teams that I reckon have the best chances of winning the S55 Super Cup. I'd love to know what you guys think!
submitted by AndyP 181 days 13 hrs 33 mins ago
Find out who the winners are of all 6 Inter Cup trophies and see which leagues on IAG are on the up (or on the down)! :-)
submitted by AndyP 196 days 8 hrs 45 mins ago
The GCF has just been played! In this episode we go into the game build-up, manager statements & line-ups. We then play out the game and look at the match stats to conclude!
submitted by AndyP 220 days 8 hrs 53 mins ago
If you want to see the build-up to the final, the match itself and post game analysis then click this!
submitted by AndyP 223 days 11 hrs 15 mins ago
Here are the 8 teams left. Who's your guess on the winner?
submitted by AndyP 237 days 12 hrs 29 mins ago
If you want to find out who won what and which country leagues are on form, then here's an Inter Cup Special Report
submitted by AndyP 252 days 8 hrs 38 mins ago
It's a David vs Goliath clash in the League Cup Final with Greenholm Rangers taking on Surfers Locker - Enjoy
submitted by AndyP 276 days 9 hrs 46 mins ago
If you want to know who won this season's Super Cup then find out in style by watching the build up and the game on
submitted by AndyP 308 days 9 hrs 22 mins ago
When these 2 teams play in a final there's always action!
submitted by AndyP 316 days 13 hrs 51 mins ago
Hey everyone, I'm doing a series of my own tutorial vids on IAG aimed at beginners. If you think these may help, here's the intro vid...
submitted by AndyP 332 days 9 hrs 18 mins ago
Don't miss out on the top 2 teams of IAG going for glory in this mouth-watering tie!
July, 2024
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