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Blog entry
Elinia - Onto the third tier.
submitted by LW78 48 days 12 hrs 7 mins ago
Another relegation secured. Inadvertently sent Norn Iron Allstars up. I'm sure he will batter me in any cup tie we end up in now as revenge.

Wage drops reduced the bill to under £25k, and the squad is refreshing nicely with youths of limited ability.

The struggle is the TP. I have really hit the floor on this now and my financial model cannot sustain these gate receipts.

I think I may have to spend an extra season or so on the way up to build the cash pot I need to challenge. Alternatively, accept less cash as a starting point.

It's getting a bit dull now, waiting to lose every week, just watching for some youth development in the vain hope a miracle may happen! Still, two seasons and I can start building and trying to win again!
by EdwardAnderson 25 days 10 hrs ago
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