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Elinia - The need to start over
submitted by LW78 164 days 8 hrs 15 mins ago
There are many ways to play the game. They tend to fit in two camps though. "Club hopping" or "Club building".

When rejoining the game my intention was always to build the club to be able to challenge for the title.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of enjoying early success and steam rolling through the divisions. Mating the Final of the Inter Cup and Semi finals of the league cup a couple of seasons in.

Buoyed by this, which certainly had more than a thin slice of luck, I felt I needed to get ready for the top league, and spent money on high rated old players.

I made two big mistakes here.

The first, was that I sold my star reset player for in excess of 35m, I didnt have time to reinvest this as the sale completed on day 54. I lost a lot in tax.

Secondly, I bought these old players too early. By the time I had spent a season in the top division, 3 were ready to retire. And I didnt have the funds to replace them.

I finished 6th in that first season in the top tier, with some excellent results along the way, but early on in 34, it became obvious I was falling short.

So, I made the decision to start again at the bottom. But not by jumping ship.

Perhaps controversially, I will reset this its fifth tier status, building up a war chest by selling the value in the squad, reducing the wage bill to handle the maintenance charges on the stadium and rely on the 40s rated staff to get the best out of limited talent.

The plan to get to the top is 16 seasons long. This is season 1.

It is taking a while! It's a long season when you are trying to get relegated.

The key points to the plan:-
*to have 110m to spend on players the season we re-enter the top tier.
*to have built tier 2 of the stadium
*reduce the wage bill from 112k to 50k by the end of next season
*reduce it further to 42k by season 39
*get to division 5 in 4 seasons
*build back slowly, not back to back promotions, more of a step up and stay approach to build club rating to 5500 by season 45 and 6500 by season 52

I'll let you know how it goes!
by pleasantsurprise 160 days 21 hrs ago
Thanks for sharing this LW78. Other managers have gone down the relegate to the bottom then build back up, with some success. Good luck!
by TopGun2 160 days 2 hrs ago
Looks like a solid plan which I'm sure you will succeed with. I'll save up some decent players for you to buy with that 110m in season 52!
by stripey 145 days 22 hrs ago
Brilliant stuff, LM - so you've only got until the end of 2023!
by Piper_FC 142 days 21 hrs ago
Tax is frightening. And can really wreck an otherwise promising plan. Super impressive plan and I look forward to seeing your progress. Best of luck!
by Trickyuk 127 days 1 hr ago
Its a plan but do you need to drop all the way down the leagues? Could you do the same dropping down just 1 (or perhaps 2 to be safe) and just avoiding promotion every year?
by LW78 123 days 1 hr ago
Thanks Trickyuk. It's a question I've started to ask myself. Initially my thought process was that by dropping to the bottom I could operate at a very low wage bill and still get 4 or 5 seasons of growth out of the team before needing any investment. Being in division 5 also gave the benefit of a season in the inter cups the season after promotion. Those seasons earmarked as consolidation seasons in the league and so there was the opportunity to make some additional money as i rise back up. I also felt that with a long gradual rise i could increase TPs faster. However. My TP has dropped significantly. My projections rely on two things. Gate receipts of 300k per game 20 times a season (so one home cup match) and wages of less than 50k. The wages are now under control. TP is dropping like a stone though. The good thing is I can worry about the decision at the tail end of next season. Another factor is that it may not be easy to get relegated in divisions of only a handful of managed clubs.....
by EdwardAnderson 25 days 9 hrs ago
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