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11th Dec 22 8:59 PM
Posts 5
2 Matches, 1 Day
i have 2 cup matches 5 hrs apart, surely this is a bug and 1 will reschedule?
11th Dec 22 9:21 PM
Posts 229
Nope, its not a bug, if you are in the inter-cup still then you have to manage your squad/ well, its same as in real life, exept 1 day on here is like a week, so basically you have 2 games within a week....
11th Dec 22 9:23 PM
Posts 289
'Fraid not...that's a symptom of your success in the cup!
12th Dec 22 11:29 PM
Posts 5
hmm, feels like bad game mechanics, gonna be at a disadvantage in iag cup compared to opponent.

this reminds me of lpool 19/20 super cup in qatar (klopp/1st team) the day before the u23 management team and u23 squad were forced to play bburn in league cup as the 1st were abroad, lost 5-0
anyways, thanks for replies
13th Dec 22 8:48 PM
Posts 289
I'd disagree, it's just like real too well in too many competitions and the fixtures pile up.

At least you've got an IAG Cup draw against an 800s ranked team with no manager. You should surely be able to manage your squad to take them on.
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