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2nd Feb 24 4:25 PM
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Originally posted by Glosterra_2nd
Another league win for the milagers. Congratulations Pleasant.

Cheers GT. I suppose it was my turn...

I wonder when the Radicals will start blowing us both away?
2nd Feb 24 8:35 PM
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Originally posted by pleasantsurprise

I wonder when the Radicals will start blowing us both away?

I've been expecting that for a few seasons now
3rd Feb 24 1:31 PM
Posts 10
Just as soon as I figure out tactics?

This is the second season that one of us finished undefeated and did not win the league anyway.
31st Mar 24 9:15 PM
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An interesting season comes to an end...

A 10th place finish is an improvement on last season but with 8th place possible on the final day it is a little disappointing. On the plus side, we claimed some outstanding results against teams with considerably better squads, not least an outstanding away win in the Super Cup against Greenholm Rangers. Cup runs weren't particularly deep due to some quite ridiculously tough other draws on top of that one, but that's how the cookie crumbles.

The financial side of things continues to improve as we opened our new 2,300 seater stand with money generated from youth player sales and still made a seasonal profit with less than 50k tax. Perfect.

The squad continues to improve and the midfield (which has been our weak point ever since the retirement of our former club captain) is nearly on a par with the rest of the team. We're going to need a replacement centreback in the long term but for now my youth fullback will have to be drafted in there for the second part of this season.

Targets for this season: finish top 9, get to round 5 of at least one cup, promote a pair of hopefully all-90s FA youths at the end of their current contracts, finish training up the midfield to be able to field a midfield preview of at least 75, build the last corner of Tier 2 and still make a seasonal profit. Might as well aim high, right?
1st Apr 24 9:54 AM
Posts 13
An interesting season, as already reviewed we secured the divisional title on the final day to much enjoyment but the season was one of learning.

The club is in a solid position but 1 significant error in my understanding of the game had undermined that position, wages spiralled on failing to agree terms with a high level target who was brought in with loftier ambitions, after failing to agree a contract the player got exactly what he wanted ( didn't know that before), increased wages bill overnight by almost 50%, and then 10 days later decided to announce he was hanging up his boots. Cumulative loss on that specific player, just under 18m credits to date.

Then a player retirement due to injury yesterday, unexpected but nothing to be done about that.

Tried to force a promotion and lost the most promising academy product, but did get 1 through with solid FA, that appears to be the model the game rests on now. Very similar to PSR rules, value of sales from academy will go along to improve the club rating and securing that all important staff.

I think I have learned some important lessons this season and a bit, but equally I feel that I want to apply that learning to a different club/league. So I will be on the move again soon, leaving some very solid assets, good money in the bank and a mid 60 preview even without the retiring enigma.
1st Apr 24 8:06 PM
Posts 281
That time again huh? In the league I reverted to type, back to fifth. The Division is definitely getting a bit more competitive and I drew some games I had hoped to win. This season there are only three caretaker teams so I think it will be even more so.

Had a couple of decent cup runs, quarters in the league cup and sixth round in the super cup. Still not doing very well in the inter cup though.

I'm now hitting an 80 preview consistently and with a few more players still improving I hope that'll come up a point or two.

I had a few disappointing promotions but moved then all on and picked the money to buy a new centre back. My biggest whoops was putting the last one on a day late so his transfer fee game through on day one of this season. That means I made quite a big loss last season and have started 7M up already, which isn't ideal.

Plan for this season is to clear out the last two 60-rated players (one is retiring anyway) and promote a couple of the quality youths that I have. If I can get to 82 match preview that would be a bonus. Maybe make fourth again if I'm lucky?

As for the second team - I got promoted in second which is all that I could have hoped for. Likewise with the cups. I got the youth academy up and running and cleared out some deadwood. This season I'll be likely getting promoted at a canter again albeit once more second is the best I can hope for and if things go my way I might even make 5501.
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