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13th Mar 22 4:48 PM
Posts 447
March 22 Mafia Game Rules & Roles
The Proper Rules

First off, these rules are by no means exhaustive, the moderator (TopGun2) may feel the need to add to them, clarify them or just downright change them halfway through, if that happens, tough!

Any rules questions should be asked in this thread, not the game thread.

The Roles

We have 12 players, each player has one of the roles listed in the post below this one. This game is an 'open setup' which means you know the exact roles in play. Every role on the list below is in play, with the number of each stated in brackets after the role name.

The Moderators will PM each player with details of their role along with how to use their special abilities if they have any.

Game Play

The game is split into 2 types of phase, Night and Day. There will be several days and nights making up the game but they alternate. Each day or night phase will last 1-3 days but the Moderators will specify exactly how long each phase is when it starts. The title of this thread will be changed to show which phase we are in and when it ends. The Moderators will also post in the thread whenever we change phases. The game starts with a Day phase.

The Night phase is for the Mafia and those with special abilities and is generally slightly shorter than the day phase because fewer people are involved. During the night phase, the Mafia discuss privately (see communications section below) to determine who they want to attack. The Mafia can organise themselves however they wish but once they have decided who to kill then one of them must PM the moderator (on IAG) with the user name.

Also during the night, any player with a special ability can choose to use it, or not. If they want to use it they send the Moderators a PM naming who they want their ability to be used on.

At the end of the night phase, the Moderators announce any deaths that may have occurred but the Moderators do not give any details of how special abilities were, or were not, used. The next day phase then begins. During the day, all players make posts in this thread, discussing their ideas of who is or isn?t Mafia, who should be lynched and who should be protected or investigated etc.. The Mafia will be trying to steer the knobbling towards a Townies member, protect their own (usually) and generally disrupt the Townies' plans however they can (without making themselves obvious of course!). The Townies will be trying to work out who they can trust and who they can?t, as well as identifying who has special abilities to be used or protected.

Also during the day , EVERY PLAYER MUST vote towards the lynch. You ARE NOT allowed to vote for 'No lynch'. Anyone who doesn't vote gets a warning, after two warnings you will be removed from the game and either wiped out, or replaced by a substitute (playing the same role). At the specified end time of the day phase (give or take half an hour), the Moderator will count up the votes and announce who, if anyone, has been lynched (whoever has the most votes is lynched). The Moderator will also announce that person's role.

If two or more people end up topping the vote with the same number of votes then no lynch will occur.

Winning / Losing

The game is won, or lost, when one team is wiped out or when it becomes impossible for one team to avoid being wiped out. Being killed does not mean you have lost, you are working as a team and Your death can be beneficial to your team. You win, and lose, as a team. However, once you are dead you take no further part in the game; you cannot make any further posts and any information you have is lost.


Forms of communication are limited.
The role PM received MUST NOT be quoted anywhere, or be tested/interrogated by questions etc., punishable by a warning or even removal from the game. Communication by PM is NOT allowed in any circumstances, other than with the Moderators.

All other communication MUST be done by the methods listed below:
The game thread is for communication during the day phase only and will be locked during the night phase. All players can (and should) use that thread for discussing the game. No posts can be edited once posted (unless they break general IAG forum rules of course).

Votes for lynching should be made in this thread and should take the form: Vote: *Insert Username* (in bold - put [ b ] without any spaces at the start of your vote and [ /b ] without spaces at the end). You can change your vote, as long as you do so before the end of the day phase, post a new 'vote' and the previous one will be discarded.

Mafia private discussions will take place on an external forum which only they (and the Moderator) will have access to.

Communications between players and the Moderator should either be on this thread for rules clarifications, or IAG PM for night actions (e.g. Mafia attacks and special ability usage) and any other communications necessary.

Users in Play

Users playing this game are (those in bold are still alive):

1. BlueBoar
2. Stripey
3. pleasantsurprise
4. Tuchel
5. Uxua
6. Jamesimp
7. Euro
8. Wazza
9. Cherub
10. RocketmanGav
11. adam_w_17
12. Uxua2 - replaced Jackdee714

I may choose to update this post with the users' status as the game
develops but I might not
13th Mar 22 4:49 PM
Posts 447
The following roles are in the game:

Town (x9)

Vanilla Townie (x6) This role has no special abilities. Their goal is the same as the rest of the town, simply to help the town win by killing all the mafia.

Doctor (x1) The doctor can protect 1 player each night, preventing any attempt to kill that protected player.

Cop (x1) This cop can investigate 1 player each night. At the end of the night they will be told whether their target was mafia or town.

Jack of All Trades (x1) The jack of all trades is given a list of actions (i.e. investigate, track, watch, block) to use on a targeted player at night. He can only use each action once and when exhausted he reverts to being a vanilla townie.

Mafia (x3)

Mafia Goon (x2) This role has no special abilities other than discussing the mafia?s plans privately with their cohorts. Mafia Goons, like all mafia roles, can be chosen by their mafia cohorts to carry out the mafia?s desired nightkills.

Mafia Godfather (x1) The godfather is a normal mafia member who cannot be detected by investigations. Cop/JOAT investigations will show him as non-mafia.
14th Mar 22 6:30 PM
Posts 5,624
Mod question

Are the results of investigations given exactly as describd in these Rules?
14th Mar 22 8:13 PM
Posts 447
Originally posted by pleasantsurprise
Are the results of investigations given exactly as describd in these Rules?

It'll probably take the form of Mafia or not Mafia but since there aren't any independent roles it's the same thing
14th Mar 22 8:20 PM
Posts 5,624
Originally posted by TopGun2
It'll probably take the form of Mafia or not Mafia but since there aren't any independent roles it's the same thing

Thank you.

I'm probably reading too much into what was written about a Cop's result on a Godfather as opposed to a Cop's result on anyone else.
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