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3rd Sep 15 8:58 PM
Posts 27
Suggested Improvements Thread - Please do not spam
...expect any spam posts to be deleted.

With all the suggestions for improvements flying around I've spent my evening trying to collate everything into a single thread. If your suggested hasn't been noted, please post it in the thread and I will add it to this list.

NB: I will be using the responses here to update a corresponding thread in the MOD forum that Ron has said he will keep tabs on.

Blue text indicates suggestion from subscribed forum.

From RonManager's blog:

1) Tidy up the issues that have arisen from the reload. e.g. Scouts and update timing.

2) To complete some tasks outstanding relating to the IAG cup and the live feed.

3) To develop the new Inter cup competition which will commence at the start of next season. This will be our version of the Champions league and Johnson's paint trophy all rolled into one!

4) To develop a system where in the closed season, clubs can be moved to other leagues. This is important to IAG. Not only does it allow managers to move their club to a different league, it allows us to manage the leagues and maintain leagues that are more populated with real managers. One of the big problems we faced in the last version of IAG was too many leagues with too few real managers. This will allow the number of leagues to ebb and flow as demand changes. The finer details will become clearer later, but feature is necessary to maintain a vibrant game, and be assured that if used to reduce the number of leagues, that will be done with consideration for those effected.

S1) Downloadable .csv for finances. [BerryStraw]

S2) An option to add club colors or maybe a home kit (for the profile page or just for the team selection screen) [BerryStraw]

S3) Renaming stands [BerryStraw]

S4) properly integrated (i.e. automated organization post sign-up) friendly competitions [boardmangraham]

S5) Substiution options for players given yellow card [Ashe]

S6) A unique trophy icon that shows somewhere on the manager profile page when you win a major competition [KafkaStoleMyBike]

S7) Nominating penalty takers for shoot-out [scotty1962]

S8) More spaces for youths in the academy [Lemmy]

S9) Subscribers able to insert an image on their stadium page [Rustyjack]

S10) Players attributes visible as hover over a la tool tips [bcagfc]

S11) Ability to affect pitch condition and consequent impact on matches. [scotty1962]

S12) Shortcuts on manager profile pages to arrange friendly/reserve matches [nowt]

S13) Add own club badge to match day page [isticandy]

S14) Option on the youth player renew screen to pre-set an automatic renewal on the final day of the contract [isticandy]


5) Vacant clubs appear on the vacancy list more than once (perhaps once a week?) until they are filled. The rest of the time can be spent on the waiting list for a new account. This should further help to avoid accumulations of empty clubs in desirable locations. [MisterE]

6) Development of the Live Feed. For instance statistics updating as the match progressed, and potentially the inclusion of a match chat section. [Posseidon] Also: match commentary updates [Rubik]

7) More substitution options [KyranLFC]
- a) More criteria e.g. Winning/not winning, losing/not losing,
- b) More slots to enter options
- c) More tactical options e.g. change of formation, change tactics
- d) Ability to name player to come off for injury or red card substitutions [scotty1962] and name replacement [maddog17]

8) Ability to purchase match/club/manager stats either from available funds or from manager salary [IanD]

9) Player valuations fixed somewhere near true value [boardmangraham]

10) Formation options that make use of 'Sweeper' role [Ashe]

- a) Better multilingual support, especially if (2) implemented
- b) Foreign language forums [Muffin]

12) Dotted line in league table to denote qualification for divisional cup [calvino_spark]

13) Loan players [Rubik]

14) Hide actual attributes from players and only make the data available after being scouted. [IanD]

15) Improve ratio of goals per game (summation of [IanD]'s post))

16) Some way to mark players in the transfer list. Either 'mark when seen' or 'mark interesting players'. [Muffin] ...or rate interest with numerical value [IanD]

17) Add search and sort function for closing date of transfer listed players. [Muffin]

18) press conference feature like: pre-match conference, weekly review conference etc. [calinho]

19) Awards like manager of the week, mount [sic - month?], etc. [calinho]

20) Make it easier to find other managers [Bartmeteenc]:
- a) Search function
- b) Friend list

21) Ability to view players' past match ratings or average of last 5. [Benn]

22) Give players new names [Lovemaster]
- a) Free choice [Lovemaster]
- b) Choice from pre-approved list - Managers can make suggestions for adding [MisterE]
- c) Allocate nicknames only viewable by manager [Muffin]

23) Tweak formulas to spread goals around the team more. [BeastishKing]

24) Game statistics on the live match feed. [BeastishKing]

25) Live Feed 'match chat'
- a) between the two managers playing each other would be quite good. [scotty1962]
- b) for everyone to comment on important games [boardmangraham]

26) Better support for mobile devices [porkpie]

27) Mark subbed players & replacements on match view [Wolfy13]

28) More formation options or free-form formation [WiFi]

29) Make non nationality-specific youth searches more likely to find youths of league nationality [BerryStraw]

30) Display player birthdays [sirchan]

31) On team selection, order player list by assignment (assigned players top, rest bottom) [tomlufc]

32) Regarding the League tables updating - update the main one only at 20:00, but introduce a pop-up from the Match Feed that gives a live update based on how the matches stand at that moment. [stripey]

33) Allow managers to select players to put into the team on match day selection screen from all of the sub categories (fitness, ratings and statistics) not just assignments [Posseidon]

34) Conditional transfer offers, subject to player contract - no penalty for withdrawal [Muffin]

35) Remove confusing 500K buffer for available funds [boardmangraham] and less confusing if it simply didn't exist and everyone had 500k less [Muffin]

36) PM about injuries sustained sent immediately after match, maybe a "player being assessed" message, pending the main update[BerryStraw]

37) Ability to list more players (to make up for shorter season) [Muffin]

38) Vacant clubs put a player on the market maybe every couple of weeks. [nowt]

39) Ability to apply for vacant team via club profile page, even if vacancy isn't listed. [jfswfc39]

40) Ability to choose length of transfer listing. [boardmangraham]

41) Tweak match engine to make scoring a little bit easier and reduce the high number of low scoring matches. [Muffin]

42) Ability to see MR on players you are bidding on. [Andy1970]

43) Instead of the 'home' team setting the ticket price for a match on neutral ground (semi-finals, finals), both clubs should be able to set the price for 50% of the seats. The total gate receipts should still be split equally afterwards. [BerryStraw]

44) Referee attributes develop over time. [scotty1962]

45) Adjust youth improvement to account for shorter season [garyt1]

46) Home and away games in league cup and IAG quarter/semi/finals. [Ibcake]

47) Major match events (goals/cards/injuries/subs) ?teleprinter? feed for each league [Muffin]

48) Pages contain links to relevant help files. [KyranLFC]

49) Allow .png image format. [Lovemaster]

50) More severe performance penalties for players out of position. [Smiler]

51) Ability to make multiple selections to open contract negotiations. [scotty1962]

52) New/edited help file content highlighted. [dazstag1967] Maybe by mass PM to managers? [MisterE]

53) Addition to all-time records [alem]:
- a) Most games played for the club
- b) Most goals scored for the club

54) More than one update per day for Staff negotiations. [sirchan]

55) Youth academy upgrades [PH3NIX]:
- a) Training becomes 2/3 times a week
- b) Choose between Physical Mental or Technical training
- c) Option to remove unwanted players
- d) Number of places increased
- e) Pick 16 and 17 year olds to play in reserve matches to help with their development [mcdude90]
4th Sep 15 7:46 AM
Posts 90
  • Hide actual attributes from Players. Improve Scouts.

    Currently we can see everything about ANY player. Except for knowing what their diet is, we can monitor anything in the game. But the main areas are ;

    a)Player Name (Rating)
    b)Player Profile
    c)Player Variable Attributes
    d)Player Fixed Attributes
    e)Player Trainable Skills

    The actual abilities of the player could perhaps be hidden. This is where the Scout is required to discover these details.

    The Players rating would still be visible and known to anyone within the game. For example, Player known as - CM R.Manager (49) - would be quite apparent. Knowing whether he was better at passing or tackling, would be something for your Scout to discover.

    So, with the Player Trainable Skills hidden (e) - we would need to interact more with other Managers and utilise our Staff, placing more emphasis upon Scouting.

    IF we wanted to go further, introduce a Potential into the Scouting role, and hide the Fixed Attributes too. It could be that only a few are revelaed, forcing you to choose your Scout to search for actual attributes or potential attributes.

    The Scouts results would be returned on the next major update, with his results determined by the skill rating of the Scout. Currently the Scouting system takes far too long.

    4th Sep 15 7:55 AM
    Posts 90
    Ok, it appears I'm spamming lol.... remove what you think fella..

    Default Draw Score

    Introducing the new Live Feed is great.. but the game is killing it.

    Either because of the reset or the games low stats, the default draws of 0-0 are so dull it's a real turn off. The 1-0 wins are tolerable by 50% of those participating at least lol. However, the 0-0's are quite dull and self evident by several posting about whether they actually work.

    Change the default draw to 1-1 please.

    This would at least add a goal from each time where one team is on top. The result, likely known prior to match end can be tailored to ensure a random outcome obviously. Some draws will naturally be 0-0, but some may be 2-2 or higher. But the frequency of the 0-0's are currently far too high. If we allowed children to run around following the ball or the 1930's Charles, Charlie Charles... he would hit the net far more often.

    ADDED (in a modified way)
    4th Sep 15 10:33 AM
    Posts 211
    #11 Wasn't proposed by me. You've got entirely the wrong impression.

    Someone else proposed having extra message boards on the forum for other languages, as a pre-cursor to a proper multilingual game. I supported that suggestion.



    Viewing the Transfer Market
    I have a couple of suggestions here for easier viewing of players.

    1. It's a pain to look through a long list of players, many of whom I may have checked before. So when I look at a player, I'd like to be able to mark which players interest me and which ones don't.

    This could be done by creating a shortlist and/or an exclude list and/or an extra column on the Transfer Results page to indicate interest/disinterest.


    2. I would like to be able to both Search and Sort players by Closing Date. Improving Transfer Search would allow me to just select the players who are closing today or to select those who are newly listed.


    Thank you.
    4th Sep 15 10:49 AM
    Posts 4
    I suggest a press conference should be added to the game, like pre-match conference, weekly review conference etc. Also awards like manager of the week, mount, etc. Should be introduce too.

    4th Sep 15 11:31 AM
    Posts 570
    Good initiative! Two of my ideas:

    1. Space on the forum for non-english speaking. Banter, meeting people from your language region or asking for help in your own language!

    Already there

    2. 'Friend list' or direct 'search team' type of feature. I like to see how my friends (all in different leagues) are doing, but there's no direct way to get to them. Now it's either via the mail box 'create message' and search or the 'Other leagues' tab. I'd like it if there was a space one click away to see befriended teams in a small list!


    4th Sep 15 3:28 PM
    Posts 90
    Originally posted by boardmangraham
    This is an idea that's been floating around for a few years but something I've always thought would be a great addition, gets annoying having to constantly check the same players..

    Would be a cool addition.... even if a subscriber thing. Actually, it would aid as subscription feature... Ron...?!!

    Also, if the TL could display a column at the end to show INTEREST and a numerical vale, for everyone that did ADD them to their WishList... cooler...!!

    4th Sep 15 4:15 PM
    Posts 10
    My suggestion is add to player statistics information about his "match ratings", for expample it could be there his average match rating, or his last 5 games ratings, or his last match rating... It could be a good, when a look on player statistics and I see his match ratings or average match rating and I do not have to search single matches to see his ratings.

    4th Sep 15 4:43 PM
    Posts 68
    The possibility of naming your own players (suggested it a few times...always bombed pun intended)as i struggle with all the foreign names. (no offense intended)This way i can pick my team a lot easier instead of struggling with names that are somewhat familiar to themselves.
    Nice to see you're back 'modding' mossy.

    4th Sep 15 5:35 PM
    Posts 203
    1. Remove sweepers. They haven't existed ever since the offside rule was changed and it seems odd having them.

    2. More formations. Also formations using 3 midfielders (e.g 4-3-3) typically have 3 centre mids but in itsagoal it has RM, CM, LM. That is almost impossible to have in real life and be successful with.

    3. Goals more spreadout amongst the team. In real life it isn't unusual for defenders to score from time to time. Midfielders often grab goals too... but in IAG strikers seem to score an unrealistic percentage of a team's goals. Already there

    4. Live game statistics on the live match feed. ADDED

    5. Ability to change tactics or make subs during a live game. Some may not have the time to do this so I understand if it is not recommended. ADDED in a modified form
    4th Sep 15 5:50 PM
    Posts 203
    6. More unpredictability.

    I'm not sure how this would be implemented, but in real life you do get the odd crazy games that end 5-3 or 4-4. I can't recall any games like this in IAG2. Maybe tactics would have to have a bigger influence, but of course this isn't a very important thing. Already there with IanD's version of 'more goals please'
    4th Sep 15 6:51 PM
    Posts 3,281
    - Live Feed - 'match chat' - between the two managers playing each other would be quite good.

    It would bring more interaction between managers.

    4th Sep 15 7:29 PM
    Posts 71
    Originally posted by scotty1962
    - Live Feed - 'match chat' - between the two managers playing each other would be quite good.

    It would bring more interaction between managers.

    That would just be the same as a pm..

    Would be good where anybody could comment though for games like the Super cup final etc now that we can watch live.

    5th Sep 15 9:10 AM
    Posts 211
    Originally posted by MisterE
    Cheers LM. I'll add it to the list when I update but I thing Gav hit the nail on the head last time in saying that we don't have any way to monitor what gets entered...

    I'm guessing that the problem with this is a concern that players may being given unsuitable names ... and others will find them offensive.

    So my suggestion is that players can be given nicknames that are only viewable by the manager, and can't be seen by anyone else. Problem solved.

    6th Sep 15 8:03 AM
    Posts 141
    On a mobile device it's hard to tell what the current skills of your players are. Even previewing a match it does not give you the stats when comparing teams. On a laptop etc you just hover over the skill/attribute for it to pop up.

    Are there any plans to make it any easier for mobile users in the future?

    6th Sep 15 1:11 PM
    Posts 24
    Sorry if its been suggested elsewhere, very minor change but I think it would be nice .

    Would be a nice touch if players substituted on had their positions come into colour, and players substituted off got greyed out when the substitute was made.

    6th Sep 15 1:56 PM
    Posts 252
    I would love to see more tactics like someone has said

    4.3.3 with 3cm instead of rm cm and lm the center striker droped back into a hole striker position

    love to see a DM position in a 433DM

    or even been able to move the shirts too i.e

    GK (fixed)

    that way you could decide to park the bus or go all out attack

    6th Sep 15 3:02 PM
    Posts 192
    When scouting youth players without setting a preferred nationality, I think it would be nice if the majority of the results would match the country you are in (i.e. you would find Brazilians when at a Brazilian club). This would keep the league name flavor alive a bit more now the transfer blending has started.

    6th Sep 15 5:04 PM
    Posts 21
    players birthdays? i.e day 42 is when they turn a day older

    7th Sep 15 3:39 PM
    Posts 1
    When selecting your line up how about your starting line up squad going to the top of the list while your reserves at the bottom, instead of just your entire squad listed out in positional order. Would make it easier to see who's in the line up for comparison. Similar to way it does on Football Manager.


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